Ritz-Carlton Leadership Experts Speaking at ESA Leadership Summit 2020

Ritz-Carlton Leadership Experts Speaking at ESA Leadership Summit 2020
Jillian Bateman — August 5, 2020

At ESA Leadership Summit 2020 Stay Connected, the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s experts will share the strategies which have lent their brand a reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction. These premium virtual sessions will be live each day from Sept 29 – Oct 1 and will include a Q&A segment.

Experts in the longstanding hotel brand’s award-winning practices and processes will present three sessions during this year’s virtual Leadership Summit. In the first two sessions, attendees will learn how to build a culture of excellence through the Ritz-Carlton’s Gold Standards and simple, sustainable processes. In the third and final session, customer experience experts will share how to deliver an elevated experience that differentiates a brand.

Key points covered by these sessions include:

  • The Systems Behind the Smiles
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • The Importance of Empowerment
  • Optimizing Every Interaction
  • Creating Brand Advocates

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center offers training, consulting and advising to businesses wishing to transform their employee and customer experiences. The established company’s training is rooted in the Gold Standards of the Ritz-Carlton, which have enabled the brand to become the only hotel to ever win two Malcolm Bridge Awards.

These empowering and transformational sessions are available as part of a premium registration for Leadership Summit Stay Connected. ESA members enjoy privileged registration rates. Learn more and register at esasummit.zerista.com.