Renew and Rejuvenate to Grab onto (re)Growth

Renew and Rejuvenate to Grab onto (re)Growth
Merlin Guilbeau — May 26, 2021

Believe it or not, it is now officially a little over one year since COVID invaded America, preying directly on its hustling and bustling business communities. Some were hit hard, others minor but all stood strong and fought frantically against economic hardship, especially the electronic security and life safety community. While the fight continues, and the situation is still urgent — albeit some may argue less urgent than in spring of 2020 — cities and towns across the U.S. are wonderful laboratories for innovative (re)growth. Now is the time to revive your electronic security and/or life safety business within your community with fresh life and strength.   

The prefix “re” means “back,” as in “to return” or “turn back,” or “again,” as in “rearrange,” or “arrange again.” I think the electronic security and life safety industry has moved past wanting to turn back to the way things were pre-COVID and are in a mode of rearrangement. The goal? To embrace renewal and rejuvenation as a means of growth, hence (re)grow businesses in new, unique, efficient and effective ways … different ways than have ever been seen before industry wide.  

As communities across the country embrace changing into Spring/Summer with signs of regrowth and new arrivals into the world, here are five steps to grab onto (re)growth in your business: 

    1. Remember your why(s)Think back to why you entered this space to begin with and make a list of your reasons. Reading through the list to help renew your mind to focus on your initial “why” acts as a motivator, revitalizing and giving new positive energy toward your business.
    2. Commit to renewalOnce motivated, decide it is time to revive your business with vigor and commitment to doing whatever it takes (re)grow.
    3. Reimagine your businessDetermine what end-user consumers are wanting and needing and decide what dramatic shifts you need to implement to fulfill those wants and needs. Do you need to accelerate product development? Change customer’s experiences with your products or services? Perhaps customize your offerings? Offer interconnected systems? 
    4. Act. Move quickly and nimbly, making business changes as needed. Be willing to set new standards and upend old ways of doing business.
    5. Create a timeline. Track your accomplishments and celebrate even the smallest of “wins.” Every win adds up and culminates into accomplished goals.  


Here at ESA, the largest and oldest trade association in the United State representing the electronic security and life safety industry, we are poised and excited to help you (re)grow your business with vigor within your city, town and/or community. We invite you to become an ESA member today to gain access to technical and management training at discounted rates; government advocacy; and information, advice, tools, and services to (re)set your company’s foundation for successful, efficient (re)growth.