Ongoing Training Is About More than Licensing

Ongoing Training Is About More than Licensing

Your employees with the most potential could leave your company for better career opportunities if you don’t provide them with a clear path and invest in their development while you have them.

This might seem like a lose-lose situation, wherein a talented, well-trained employee has more options in the job market, and an employee who does not see development in their role likewise will find a way to progress in their career elsewhere; however, numbers from SHRM show that employees who don’t believe they can achieve their career goals with a current employer are 12 times more likely to consider leaving. This implies the odds are in your favor if your company is investing in its employees.

Besides the effect on retention, developing talent within a company can be beneficial when training leaders. Developing the next generation of leaders is a top concern for 64% of C-level executives worldwide, according to the Development Dimensions International 2018 Global Leadership Forecast.

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This is because effective leaders are a competitive advantage. The costs of turnovers, decreased employee engagement and failed projects add up quickly. On the other hand, engaged and present workers following an effective leader make a business run smoothly, boost productivity and make coming to work more pleasant for everyone involved.

If there are employees in your company who stand out as having potential for leadership, now is the time to invest in their development and put these statistics to the test. DDI’s 2018 study also reports that formal training courses rank second on the list of things desired most by high-potential leaders, so investing in industry-specific courses could be a powerful starting point.

Where to Start Training

You could begin developing your employees today with any of the 18 recently added continuing education courses at ESA’s National Training School (NTS), covering project management, networking, mathematics, science and customer service. These easily accessible courses – along with the rest of the wide selection of education available from NTS – could be useful for employees who are moving into management, changing roles within the company or advancing in their current role. A few of the recently added courses are:

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