Newness, Resilience and Gratitude Stewards Us Forward

Newness, Resilience and Gratitude Stewards Us Forward
Jillian Bateman — March 3, 2021

The turn of the year always seems to bring a sense of newness, but this year, within that newness, we must find the resiliency to continue down the road of recovery professionally and personally all the while, demonstrating strands of gratitude along the way.  

While most of us learned very quickly how to pivot (aka, be resilient) to keep our businesses relative over the past difficult months, we must not forget those who have helped and continue to help along the way — customers, clients, staff, vendors, industry partners, family, friends, etc. Knowing and understanding each in your life and using that gained intel to show meaningful appreciation that the recipient immediately recognizes as such helps solidify key relationships, creating an unbreakable alliance.   

A simple “thank you;” keep meetings short, meaningful and to the point; bring snacks to the office; or make eye contact and actively listen will help make you (and your business) stewards our industry, moving forward into newness by way of gratitude. 

Throughout our January/February 2021 issue of Security Nation, you will find examples of resiliency, gratitude and newness to inspire and motivate you. 

On page 30 are ESA’s 2021 Trends and Predictions to give you the edge in creating a plan of resiliency this year and page 18 spotlights new ESA member, 1st Responders, as a way of showing gratitude for our members.  


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Resiliency in the face of pandemic though partnership is also demonstrated in ESA’s Annual Report on page 21, showing where your generosity helped the industry over the past year. To continue with this generosity streak that so defines our industry and as a way of showing gratitude to first responders, consider donating to our 2021 ESA Youth Scholarship, page 10.  

Shifting to “the new”perhaps a new concept to embrace this year that leads to showing ultimate gratitude to your salespeople in ways they understand is by leading with true motivation. Not all salespeople are money motivated, therefore, you must find their true motivators to spur them forward. Page 42 explains what true motivation is and how to become a motivation master.  

Congress also added to newness at the very end of 2020 with a new phase of funding. Page 13 gives you all the pertinent details you need to know as a business owner.  

I am also excited to introduce a new columnist for Security Nation, our very own Sophia Dominguez, ESA’s Membership Development Manager, who makes her debut on page 46. Dominguez identifies what the customer experience is and practical actions to take today to ensure every customer experiences greatness from you and your brand.  

And, semi-new to fire is the NFPA 72 2019 10.5.2 directly addressing the system installer. Learn how your company can not only show code compliance but also ensure the best fire safety systems are recommended to clients to protect their families with ESA National Training School’s course — Residential Fire Alarms, online or instructor led, page 12. 

As you read and reflect upon these pages of Security Nation, this is my challenge to you: to embrace newness and take new actions this year that show gratitude in ways that others understand, which in turn, will help keep your business resilient.

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