New Atlanta Ordinance Requires Video Surveillance at all Service Stations – Will Your City be Next?

New Atlanta Ordinance Requires Video Surveillance at all Service Stations – Will Your City be Next?
Electronic Security Association — September 20, 2023

The city council of Atlanta approved a new ordinance 23-0-1346 which will require that all service stations in the city install video surveillance systems at each fuel pump and at each convenience store located at the station.

This ordinance was in response to a rise in crime, specifically grand theft auto and violence at service stations throughout the city.

Section 2 of the ordinance states:

“All service stations shall be required to install a continuous video recording system dedicated to each fuel pump. Such cameras must be capable of producing a retrievable and identifiable image on film or tape that can be made a permanent record and that can be enlarged through projection or other means. Cameras meeting the requirements of this section shall be maintained in proper working order at all times and shall be in operation during all hours in which such establishment is opened for business. Establishments must have immediate availability of a back-up camera system in the event the primary system becomes inoperable. If a crime occurs or an employee believes a crime has occurred, the police department shall be contacted immediately, and the film retrieved by a designated police officer.”

Atlanta now joins Georgia’s Douglas and Dekalb counties, along with other local governments around the US, that have passed requirements for video surveillance to be used at gas stations and other businesses that see higher crime rates take place.

Legislation like this provides new opportunities for business for ESA members and we applaud the city of Atlanta for their leadership on this issue. ESA Members can stay tuned to weekly legislative updates for alerts for when legislation like this hits your state.

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