Meet Jake Braunger, ESA’s New VP of Advocacy and Public Affairs

Meet Jake Braunger, ESA’s New VP of Advocacy and Public Affairs
Jillian Bateman — December 21, 2022

ESA is pleased to announce its new VP of Advocacy and Public Affairs, Jake Braunger. With prior experience on the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Advocacy Team and many political campaigns throughout the country, Jake is eager to advocate and educate ESA members about legislation that will benefit the electronic security and life safety industry.

“Many legislators aren’t aware of the details and challenges of our industry, which means you as security professionals will have a lot of influence if you get involved and build relationships with them,” Jake Braunger says.

“I am looking forward to creating those opportunities for you to build influence in 2023 and beyond.”

According to Jake, the biggest challenge for the security industry when it comes to legislation is getting security professional’s voices heard before laws have been passed. It’s important to build an industry profile that bears enough influence for industry experts to weigh in on bills before they make it as far as the governor’s desk for signing.

Braunger will lead efforts to effect legislative influence and change for the electronic security and life safety industry in the upcoming years. He encourages ESA members to get involved and stay actively engaged, firmly believing that it will procure more victories for the industry.

“We need to advocate on behalf of our members,” Braunger emphasizes. “We must explain the industry’s point of view to law-makers who might only be hearing from one voice at a union or a different company.”

We also need to help provide education for people outside our industry and within, particularly on the local level, to better understand the industry’s various elements and why they are so important. According to Jake, “If you don’t show up to the table when you’re needed, then other people will put you on the menu. Because everyone wants to limit their competition.”

ESA’s leadership team, along with its Board of Directors, is excited to welcome Jake Braunger to the team, confident that his expertise in politics and passion for the security industry’s position will help to develop stronger influence on the political front.

“On behalf of the ESA Government Affairs Committee, I couldn’t be prouder to welcome Jake Braunger to ESA,” affirms Holly Borgmann, Vice President of Government Affairs for ADT and Chair of ESA’s Government Affairs Committee “We look forward to building an even better regulatory environment for the security and public safety community under his leadership.”

“I am confident Jake Braunger will be an excellent addition to our professional staff — and a strong asset to lead ESA’s advocacy efforts moving forward,” says ESA’s CEO, Merlin Guilbeau.


Jake Braunger can be reached by email at [email protected] or you may also find and connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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