Legislative Report May 2022

Legislative Report May 2022
Jillian Bateman — June 7, 2022

Here are highlights of legislative activity that could impact the electronic security and life safety industry from May.


Federal Legislative Summary – May 2022

Congress continues to move slowly as it is now focused on what can be done to secure schools, with widely varying “solutions”. Everything from “assault weapon” bans to significant target hardening measures are in play. In the House, we are seeing hearings on January 6th get more airtime in the news than what can be done about gas prices. This is the time of year that political posturing becomes more prevalent as we head to mid-term elections.

As far as legislation is concerned, we tagged just one bill for monitoring that would have minimal potential impact on the industry. Another bill, H.R. 7309 did pass the House in May. It reauthorizes the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which provides the federal funding for many workforce development funds that flow down to states.

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State Legislative Summary – May 2022

We are beginning to see bills to address meaningful security measures in schools and I hope legislators will focus on what works. Suffice it to say, there is a lot a work to do to make schools safer.

On the economic side of news, inflation continues to worsen with higher gas prices, workforce shortages, and supply chain issues. Rising interest rates from the fed are designed to slow demand, but that obviously has other consequences for the economy. Legislators continue to push for higher minimum wages, paid leave, double time for working on holidays and many other measures that will have little impact on the underlying issues, but that is not really new. The root causes of inflation won’t be resolved with these efforts, but that won’t keep them from trying.

May was a pivotal month as several legislatures began winding down their sessions. Thirteen (13) bills we are monitoring were enacted into law during May. Look for new public laws in South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine. Bills were also sent to the Governor in Colorado and Missouri.

While many bills became law, the Maryland Governor vetoed three bills we were monitoring including one (HB 496) that created a paid family and medical leave insurance program.

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