Is it Possible? Perfecting the Sales Cycle of Surveillance Solutions

Is it Possible? Perfecting the Sales Cycle of Surveillance Solutions
Jillian Bateman — October 13, 2020

By: Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End to End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc.

How ideal is your sales cycle for surveillance solutions? Do you always execute each step flawlessly, never making any mistakes? That would be nearly impossible, but you can get close to perfect. The secret to perfecting the sales cycle is easier than you might think. It’s about utilizing the right online tools.

Top manufacturers offer smart and simple online tools that can help you throughout the design, sales, installation, testing and management phases of each video surveillance project. You can reap the benefits of efficient system design, comprehensive installation instructions, accurate auto-configuration of cameras, and valuable remote health monitoring.

Once you start using these types of tools, you will discover how simple, intuitive and efficient they can be. More importantly, you will find that you can save precious time and resources, all while still delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Here are four significant outcomes of using tools that can get you closer to perfecting your sales cycle:

Cut down time finding and comparing products

How do you currently select products for your customers? Are you always confident those products are exactly what they need? Are you sure that mount works with that camera? Instead of guessing and hoping or endlessly searching through websites or catalogs, a product selector tool makes it easy to filter searches and compare products. The best tools even make it easy to plan storage and calculate bandwidth to make sure you’re selecting the right combination of products. This type of tool will not only save time, but it will also increase your confidence that you are choosing the perfect products for your customers.

Prepare the installation team and get end user approval

Now that you’re happy with the devices you’ve selected, what else can you do to ensure everything is going to work before you get out on site? Using design tools with maps can bridge the gap between your design and installation teams. A good mapping tool will bring in the devices you selected and allow you to see their field of view to ensure there are no blind spots and that you’re getting the desired resolution where you need it. Not only does this show your installation team where all the devices need to be placed, it enhances your sales pitch by ensuring the end user that all their needs are met with a personalized design plan.

Execute a seamless installation

Installing surveillance solutions does not have to be challenging. For larger installations, it can be monotonous and time-consuming to configure each device one by one. You can minimize costly mistakes and save valuable time with an installation tool. With a few clicks, you can import all configurations directly to the video management software including camera name, recording schedule, days of storage, and resolution and frame rate. This type of tool is another way to drastically save resources and ensure accuracy. When you leave the job, you can give customers full assurance that their system is up and running to standards.

Provide additional value and enhance your RMR offering

Once you’re done with an installation, you can take full advantage of system health monitoring tools for increased customer satisfaction and an additional revenue stream. A cloud-based system health monitoring tool enables you to reach out to a customer before they even know about a potential problem. It goes a long way to be proactive and show you care. Some tools even allow you to remotely update firmware and export system reports, both of which could be built into your RMR offering. System monitoring tools are a great way to maximize your value to end users as an integrator.

It might seem crazy that four types of online tools could provide so much value, but it’s true. The best part is that some manufacturers offer these tools for free. So, why wait? Soon you can be effortlessly designing, installing and maintaining the perfect surveillance solutions for your customers.

Axis Communications offers a full suite of tools called AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite, including each of the tools mentioned above and more, all for free. These tools seamlessly integrate with one another and will help you maximize your efficiency in the design, installation and management of a video surveillance system. If you’re interested, you can either get started now or register for an upcoming webinar to learn more and see a demo.

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