How Rekor Systems ALPRs Can Be a Force Multiplier in Times of Crisis when Resources are Limited, ALPR Technology Can Help

How Rekor Systems ALPRs Can Be a Force Multiplier in Times of Crisis when Resources are Limited, ALPR Technology Can Help
Jillian Bateman — October 12, 2021

As the world adjusts to its new COVID-19 reality, the public may assume policing has become easier with fewer drivers on the road. However, there has been an increase in use of open locations like parks, campuses, and other areas that are not currently filled with employees. At the same time Law Enforcement departments and security professionals are facing the hardships of limited resources to protect their communities and facilities.

One tool security professionals and property managers now have access to that could be beneficial is automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

ALPR technology has been around for decades for law enforcement and over time has evolved to offer more efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Traditional ALPR cameras are big and bulky, costing tens of thousands of dollars despite often lacking accuracy. Additionally, traditional ALPR cameras lack a broad field of view, and must be dedicated in focus making them not ideal for resource-starved agencies during a crisis.



New technology has allowed for advancement in both cameras and the software that powers them, increasing accuracy to nearly 100% and scanning coverage of up to 300 feet and 4 lanes of traffic from a single camera. Moreover, today’s AI-driven ALPR software can be installed into security cameras that are already in place, allowing them to be integrated remotely. These advancements make it possible for private and commercial security providers to take advantage of ALPR technology to assist in their crime prevention strategies.

The current use of ALPR technology spans across a variety of crimes and civil wrongs including simple driving violations, stolen vehicles and assisting in the investigation of other crimes such as theft, burglary, and kidnappings. Agencies have apprehended suspects within minutes of a crime being committed due to the access of real-time alerts. Commercial security professionals can securely share their property information with local law enforcement expanding the total protection for the property and community.



ALPR technology can be used on-site as a security tool, alerting security or property managers if an unauthorized vehicle has entered the property. Managers can create allowed lists for permitted vehicles and receive an alert when a non-authorized vehicle enters the property. When the system flags a vehicle, security/property managers are notified instantly, providing them the opportunity to alert authorities.

For properties with secured entry points, it’s possible to integrate the ALPR system with the allowed list so that only authorized vehicles may enter the space. While automating the entry/exit process, this practice can also provide cost savings by eliminating the need for RFID access tags. The automated access process can also reduce face-to-face interactions providing additional layers of officer safety and easing resource burdens.

With a proven track record, ALPR technology has become a viable resource to law enforcement and can be a predominant force in the security industry too. Helping to alleviate the stress and concern while acting as a second set of eyes.

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Portions of the this article originally appeared on Police1 sponsored by Rekor Systems.