Help Your Team Become More Productive by Avoiding Burnout

Help Your Team Become More Productive by Avoiding Burnout
Merlin Guilbeau — November 9, 2021

In an online survey conducted in June 2021 by the automation company, Zapier, 1,000 US office workers from small and medium-sized businesses were questioned about their biggest productivity blockers. 

Rather than meetings or procrastinating tasks being the biggest barrier to productivity, according to the survey the most common productivity hurdle reported was burnout. 

38% of the employees surveyed deem burnout as their biggest productivity obstacle. This was followed by 35% of workers citing time management as their leading barrier to maintaining productivity. 31% said their most common obstacle was multitasking, while 30% cited repetitive work as their number one barrier to productivity. 

So, how can you help relieve burnout? The emotional and physical exhaustion of the pandemic has probably led to a bit of burnout among your own staff. That means lower productivity and a lack of concentration. Maybe you’ve noticed more negativity. 

Turnover can have a significant impact on your business, so before we risk this inevitable outcome any longer, let’s talk about a few tips to prevent burnout. 



Hold regular team meetings to help motivate and lead your employees. Recognize when things are difficult and talk through ways you can achieve goals collaboratively. Be realistic and transparent in your approach.  



Ensure your team is aware of the goals for the company and how you are tracking toward those goals.  



Celebrate small wins to build and keep momentum.  


Promote Balance. 

Promote work/life balance. Commit to unplug when vacation days are used and encourage your team to do the same. 


Solicit Ideas. 

Give employees a measure of control by asking for input on how to get the job done better and faster. 


Encourage Friendships. 

Meaningful interpersonal relationships in the workplace will help people feel connected to one and another — and engaged with their work. 

No person, no matter his/her title is immune to burnout. As a strong and self-aware leader, take care of yourself and your team by encouraging breaks and rejuvenation when appropriate. Support your team with inspirational support: “We are in this together!” 

ESA has an intense year ahead of us, as we continue to navigate the safest ways to work, take management of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) back in house and continue to build training and member benefits that work hard for you.  

We’ll do this successfully by maintaining a constant empathy — keeping our teams energized as we pivot to the new heights ahead of us in 2022. 

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