Grassroots Advocacy Matters to Your Bottom Line

Grassroots Advocacy Matters to Your Bottom Line
Jillian Bateman — June 9, 2021

As the new Congress and Biden Administration began its collective efforts at “undoing” what it perceives as wrong-headed policies of the previous administration and Congress, businesses must brace for what was promised prior to the election — higher taxes, labor union empowerment in the market, government-mandated project labor agreements (PLA) and a host of changes to social and cultural regulations. Thus far, we have seen several key proposals with a potential impact on our economy and your business:  

  • The Presidents’ proposed infrastructure plan, which currently has politicians and pundits arguing over the ever-broadening definition of “infrastructure;”  
  • The Presidents’ proposed tax plan, which has many provisions that would raise corporate tax rates; 
  • The “Protecting the Right to Organize” Act (PRO Act), which would re-define labor relations in a negative way; and 
  • Proposed government-mandated project labor agreements (PLA) would force merit-based contractors into union collective bargaining agreements in order to work on any public works project at the federal (and state) level.   


Grassroots Advocacy Matters to Your Bottom Line


Depending on your political views, these changes may be bad or good for your personal or political philosophy, but our focus as a trade association, is to represent the interest of the businesses and the industry we serve. We do all we can to keep members and other stakeholders informed on the changing political landscape and potential benefits or consequences that result from these changes. 

The issues described above all have potentially significant bearing on the bottom line of every business. If you own a business and use independent contractors to fill your labor demand needs, you should be engaged with us. If you currently contract or plan to contract with local, state or federal agencies on any public works project, you should be engaged with us. If you feel the corporate and business taxes you pay are already too high, you should be engaged with us. 

We have launched grassroots campaigns through our advocacy platform on these and other issues and will be launching more campaigns in the near future. Our ask of all members is: when the requests from ESA or any other trade group you belong to comes – ENGAGE! 

Bad laws happen when voters do not engage with the people they elected, especially on issues that are likely to impact the bottom line of your business. The platform we use for grassroots advocacy makes it as easy as is possible for you to become engaged without wasting time filling out a letter or looking up your representatives. We do it all for you. All you have to do is plug in your name and address and click “submit.”  

I know that I am most likely speaking to the choir, but I would like to make one more important point. Don’t end engagement with you. Pass it on. Share the post. Share the email. Share the URL. Share whatever you receive to anyone and everyone who could also be impacted by the legislation or regulation.  

It has, it can and it will make a difference. #BeHeard