FAST Announces the Winners of the 2024 Security Technician of the Year Awards

FAST Announces the Winners of the 2024 Security Technician of the Year Awards
Electronic Security Association — May 16, 2024

The Foundation for Advancing Security Technology (FAST) is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 Security Technician of the Year Awards, now in its second year. This prestigious initiative highlights the critical role that security technicians play within the industry, celebrating their excellence in the meticulous design, installation, and maintenance of security systems that safeguard our communities.

Security technicians are the unsung heroes on the front lines of safety, whose dedication and expertise help ensure that our homes, workplaces, and national infrastructure remain secure. Recognizing these professionals is not just an acknowledgment of their tireless efforts but a testament to their pivotal role in advancing the security industry.

This year’s winners are standout examples of commitment and leadership, who have each demonstrated exceptional customer service, technological proficiency, and professional integrity.


2024 Security Technician of the Year Awardees:

Calvin Sprague Technician III, Stealth Monitoring

James Brevard Master Installation Technician & Trainer, ADT

Chris Gordon Level 4 Security Technician, SAGE Integration

Peter Gagne Technician III, Stealth Monitoring

Vanna Phan Electrical Technician 4, M.C. Dean

Jeff Lane Fire Division PM, Down East Protection Systems

Kyle Ackerman Installation Technician, Everon

Anthony Jeffries Electrical Technician 3, M.C. Dean

Harry Hoyte Senior Service Technician, Grid Squared Systems

Aaron Welch Head of Hardware, Nexkey

“The Security Technician of the Year Awards shines a spotlight on the incredible talent within our industry,” said Ken Kocher, President of Force Security Solutions, and member of the FAST Board of Directors. “These awards are a way to recognize the outstanding work of security technicians and to showcase the significant impact they have on all of us.”

As an initiative of SIA and ESA, FAST is proud to bring the industry together to celebrate this fantastic talent. We would also like to invite the security industry to celebrate these achievements at the Security Technician of the Year awards ceremony, which will be held during the closing ceremony of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX). The event details are as follows:

Awards Ceremony: Date: June 6, 2024 Time: 11:45 AM Location: Main Stage, ESX

We look forward to honoring these exceptional individuals who have not only excelled in their roles but have also contributed to raising industry standards. Their insights on industry challenges and professional advice, reflecting their deep understanding and passion for the field, will also be featured in upcoming FAST communications.

Congratulations to all our winners!

For media inquiries and further details on the winners, please contact Aiden O’Brien at [email protected].