ESA’s Board of Directors Elects Michael Barnes as Treasurer

ESA’s Board of Directors Elects Michael Barnes as Treasurer
Electronic Security Association — January 9, 2024

ESA proudly announces that Michael Barnes was elected as Treasurer and will serve as Chairman of the ESA Finance Committee following the ESA Board of Directors’ meeting on November 30, 2023. Barnes succeeds Kevin Stone, who assumes the role of Chairman Elect from 2023-2024.

“I’m delighted that Michael Barnes will serve as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairman for ESA,” says Kevin Stone, Chairmen incumbent and COO of Doyle Security Systems. “It’s an exciting time for the ESA membership and we’re fortunate to have Michael’s experience and Industry knowledge.” 

The purpose of a Treasurer is to work collectively to provide good governance of ESA affairs and to set the organization’s direction to optimize the growth and performance of the organization. Each Board Member has a responsibility for ensuring strategies and policies that are developed, discussed, and implemented will enable the organization to achieve its mission and vision — and to monitor the organization’s implementation of those strategies and policies. 

Michael Barnes has been an integral part of the ESA Board of Directors and Finance Committee. I am thrilled he has agreed to lend his talent by serving in this important role,” says Merlin Guilbeau, Chief Executive Officer of ESA. “His dedication to ESA’s mission, and strong financial expertise will complement the progress made thus far and drive results that positively impact our members.” 

Michael Barnes’ security industry career has spanned more than 35 years.  As an investment banker and advisor to security alarm companies he has helped shape the industry. Barnes has been involved in more than 280 security alarm acquisitions, with an aggregate transaction value of more than $29 billion. Additionally, he has pioneered various analysis techniques that have helped the industry better define how it performs and creates value, which has allowed the industry to be more efficient in raising capital.  

Currently, Barnes serves as the president of Barnes Associates Inc., a brokerage, advisory, and consulting firm he founded in 1986, which focuses on the security alarm industry. He also lectures at numerous events on matters relating to acquisitions, the availability of capital and the operating dynamics and performance of alarm companies. These events include the annual Barnes-Buchanan Conference which the firm co-sponsors. Barnes was the 13th person to be inducted into the SSI Security Alarm Industry Hall of Fame, an honor he received in 2004. 

Barnes is eager to put his talents and expertise to further benefit the industry as Treasurer. 

“First off, I want to thank Kevin Stone for doing such a great job in this role. His efforts, along with those of all the other prior Treasurers, make my job much easier.” says Michael Barnes, ESA Treasurer and Founding Partner of Barnes Associates, Inc. “ESA has always had a highly active and capable roster of Officers, and Kevin is a perfect example. It is no surprise that he is the newly elected Chairman. I am excited to expand my efforts with ESA to include serving as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair. It is an honor. ESA is such a great organization, and I enjoy addressing longer term industry and association issues as a member of the Board of Directors, but this role will allow me to have greater contact with the staff and be closer to the operating details. 

By building the initiatives ESA already has in progress, Barnes will support ESA’s Board of Directors with his expansive knowledge and expertise, helping predict what the industry will be doing across a variety of financial sectors for ESA and its members to prepare and plan accordingly. Barnes wants to leave ESA and its members in an even better position for continued growth and success in the future.