ESA Stands with Electronic Security and Life Safety Industry During COVID-19 Crisis

ESA Stands with Electronic Security and Life Safety Industry During COVID-19 Crisis
Jillian Bateman — March 23, 2020

ESA is now offering select free CEU courses in recognition of the economic challenges for businesses affected by COVID-19. These six courses extend the opportunity to learn new topics and to work toward certification or licensing while many might have reduced workloads.

The following courses are free in the month of March:

· Job Safety Reminders

· Troubleshooting Panels and Power Supplies

· Troubleshooting Intrusion Alarm Devices

· Codes and Standards Refresher

· Methods to Reduce False Alarms

· Asking the Right Questions to Identify Your Client’s Needs

In addition, ESA has distributed a 2020 Training Gift Certificate granting access to $250 worth of online and virtual training to the primary point-of-contact for every member company. Each gift certificate is unique to each individual member. Please contact membership services if you need a reminder on your gift certificate credentials.

The association will connect members throughout the nation to talk freely about options for their businesses throughout the environment created by containment measures across the nation on Tuesday, Mar 24 at 2:00 PM CST, in a session titled: ESA Members Open Forum: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Your Business. Seating is limited and additional forums will be scheduled should demand warrant it.

“As an association, we are in the business of building a strong, united industry front — of building community,” says Chief Executive Officer Merlin Guilbeau.

"I am confident that we can, and will, get through this together."

For more information and consistent industry updates from ESA on COVID-19 visit their resource center:

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