Bidding & Winning in the Age of IP Intercoms!

Bidding & Winning in the Age of IP Intercoms!
Jillian Bateman — October 8, 2019

By: Craig Szmania, Regional Business Development Head, 2N, Axis Communications, Inc.

I’m at the front door. Can someone let me in?” Traditional intercom systems were designed for simple one-way or two-way communication, but IP intercoms can do so much more – providing tremendous value to customers.  

Even though today’s intercom market is still predominantly analog, intercoms are following the familiar migration path from analog to IP. Within the next six years, the value of the IP intercom market is projected to increase by 143%, reaching $2.9 billion USD by 2025.¹ 

Differentiate yourself from the competition and make the most of this business opportunity by adding IP intercoms to your projects. Win customers over with these top selling points:  


1. Seamless integration with existing systems

It can be overwhelming for customers to manage all of their systems, such as access control, a video management system, telephones, elevators and HVAC. Today’s building owners are looking for systems that can integrate and talk with each other, as having one ecosystem is easier and provides for a greater user experience. Incorporating open IP intercoms into any ecosystem is key for seamless integration and simple management. Not all IP intercoms are open, so it’s important to look at all your options to make sure they adhere to industry standards.  


2. Low cost of hardware, installation and maintenance

Ever walk up to a building’s entrance and notice an abundance of devices mounted next to the door? They might have a standard intercom, a doorbell, an access control keypad and a camera all in the same spot. IP intercoms provide the opportunity to combine multiple systems into one device. This not only offers convenience and a professional look, but it also minimizes the total cost of hardware, as a customer only needs to invest in one system. In addition to the cost savings on hardware, customers will save money on installation and maintenance. 


3. Opportunities for customization

If you really want to win customers over, you need to offer solutions that fit their exact needs. Luckily, intercoms are no longer “one size fits all”. IP intercoms can truly be tailored to any customer need. The two primary areas of customization are hardware and programming. First, IP intercoms offer a range of modular functionality. Besides the standard intercom call button and speaker, IP intercoms can also include a camera, Bluetooth, fingerprint readerRFID reader, touchscreen, keypad and more to best suit customer needs. Take customization a step further with programming, where the IP intercom can perform a variety of tasks such as trigger actionsnotifications and mobile applications 


Every business opportunity has entryways that would benefit from the added security and functionality of an IP intercom. Whether your customers have existing analog intercoms or no intercoms at all, IP intercoms are the perfect addition to any surveillance project. Customers will love the easy integration, cost-effectiveness and customization options that IP intercoms have to offer 

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