What I Took Away from ESX 2018

What I Took Away from ESX 2018

Some of the post event coverage is calling ESX the “UN” event — the disruptor that is redefining what expos and industry shows should be offering to our channel. WE’VE TAKEN ON A NEW PURPOSE as of this year’s event: to allow passionate security professionals in the electronic security and life safety industry the ability to learn more, share more and interact more. In my opinion, ESX hit a homerun in each one of these areas.

When I hear professionals who have been in the industry a long time compliment the idea exchange, or when I see a new industry entrant wide-eyed during one of our educational sessions, I feel a sense of pride for this event that our association helps to deliver to our industry.

ESX is owned by ESA and our partners on the event, The Monitoring Association.

Together, we’ve had to make some really hard decisions in the past couple of years as it relates to the event. We’ve invested significant resources in ensuring quality education is delivered at registration prices that allow integration and monitoring companies of all sizes to bring their leadership teams — thus, elevating our industry as a whole.

Some say we’re undervaluing the event. And the registration pricing may not be something we’re able to continue to offer long term, but I wholeheartedly believe when I see professionals coming out of the programming offered at this event — that we are helping professionals better run and grow their companies.

And when they get a taste of that, of the huge potential becoming more engaged with the association can be, they will want to learn more about ESA.

This networking, idea exchange, and industry elevation are at the core of our DNA at ESA. If you’re not participating in ESX — in OUR show — I encourage you to do so.

If you’re not an advocate and supporter of OUR show I encourage you to experience what it has to offer.

The show is centered upon having passion for our industry, about growth and quality interactions. Passion was evident in Nashville and I was proud to be a part of it. 

This year, nearly 75% of professionals rated the education sessions at ESX as either “very good” or “excellent,” with our highest-attended sessions including:

How to Get More Service Calls Completed from Your Technicians
Metrics that Matter: Choosing and Using the Right Industry-Specific KPIs
Top 5 Disruptive Go-To-Market Strategies Affecting the Residential Market
Creation Costs – Defined, Dissected & Diminished
The Monitoring Center of the Future is Here Now! – Technology You Must Leverage to Thrive

Nearly 80% of attendees have reported that they were able to have quality conversations on ESX’s expo floor.

“I established next steps for resolving issues and explored solutions for new opportunities,” said one attendee. “I was able to have real conversations about future acquisitions,” said another. “I met with multiple companies with national accounts and we are now setting up service calls for them in our area,” said another. “It was refreshing to have real conversations.”