Servant Leadership: A Look Back at Jamie Vos’s Two Years as Chairman

Servant Leadership: A Look Back at Jamie Vos’s Two Years as Chairman
Jillian Bateman — April 29, 2022

To be the Chairman of the Board for ESA requires a tremendous amount of dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. On behalf of all ESA members and staff, I would like to acknowledge and thank Jamie Vos for serving ESA as Chairman for the last two years. Jamie’s devotion to the electronic security and life safety industry has been evident through his years of volunteering, giving back to the industry, and most recently working to ensure ESA is on a path of sustainability. In addition to his responsibilities as Chairman, he also played an active role with ESA subsidiaries, the Electronic Security Expo and Security America Reassurance Group.

He never shied away from tackling tough issues. During his term as Chairman, Jamie ushered in a new governance model, a new budgeting process, was involved in the creation of the Leadership Identification and Nomination Committee and managed a volunteer force of over 100 unique individuals.

His vision produced a shift in the way we think. He is an advocate for ensuring ESA is well positioned for long term sustainability. He understands that, in order for ESA to thrive, we need to invest in creating a focused sales and customer service culture to maximize revenue opportunities. He has challenged us to proactively think about how we can increase our member value proposition, tighten operations and simplify our organization.

Did I mention he did this and much more while managing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on his business Security Solutions NW in Bellingham, WA?

During his term as chairman, Jamie has embodied the concept of a “servant-leader.” He has, from day one, put others first. His willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, along with his knowledge, skill and determination, elected him to the highest office of our association, and will undoubtedly serve him well throughout the rest of his career.

Thank you, Jamie, for bringing your passion, intellect, insight, experience and resources to the table. Thank you for challenging me and your fellow Board members to move this organization forward. Thank you for letting us invest in the tools needed to better serve our members, lead our organization and impact change in our community.

Thank you for volunteering to serve as Chairman of ESA!

Please join us at ESX, slated for June 14-17 in Fort Worth, Texas, to bid Jamie a proper farewell and to wish him well on the rest of his journey.