Residential Security Market Trends

The entrance of tech giants and MSOs is raising awareness of security solutions; new business models are emerging as a result of changing consumer preferences; and technology advancements such as AI, video analytics, audio analytics and voice control are improving the user experience. Perhaps more than anything, remote access through interactive services, home control support for a growing array of devices, and self-installation options have expanded the value of residential security systems.

As a result, the security industry is finally able to reap the benefits of increased security system adoption. Download your copy of the report today to learn these trends so your company can strategize around them.

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Seventy-six percent of those with intent to purchase a security system want interactive services.


Sixty-three percent of those with intent to purchase a security system want a self-installed system.


Consumers report an 8% increased use of home security products and services at the end of March 2020.

The full report, Residential Security Market Trends, is a Parks Associates Research Report commissioned by ESA and sponsored by Resideo to deliver the latest facts and trends to help you make informed decisions on capturing new customers through careful business strategy evolutions.

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