Legislative Report – November 2019

Legislative Report – November 2019
Jillian Bateman — December 10, 2019

Federal Legislative Summary

Federal bills filed or moving in November continue the themes we have seen over the last few months, online privacy, school security and workforce development. Only seven (7) bills were introduced or moved last month.

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State Legislative Summary

November is typically a slow month for legislative activity, but we saw a larger than usual number of bills in New Jersey that address several issue areas, some good some bad. Florida was also relatively active with occupational licensing and fire/life safety bills.

Florida HB 3

Florida HB 3 was filed on November 25th and it preempts all local occupational licensing requirements with some stated exceptions. It prohibits local governments with licensing in place from expanding licensing requirements.

Florida HB 603

Florida HB 603 would require any K-12 school that emits carbon monoxide (CO) from combustion source shall install CO detectors in accordance with the Florida Building Code.

Florida SB 474

Florida SB 474 is an omnibus bill that touches on reciprocity and other provisions on many occupations including alarm contractors and agents. It alters reciprocity requirements for alarm contractors and licensing requirements for agents.Companion to S. 4225.

New Jersey AB 5840 / SB 4225

New Jersey continues to expand employer liability with AB 5840 and its Senate companion SB 4225. These bills expand joint employer liability to include alleged violations of the provisions of State employer tax laws, including provisions of those laws concerning the mis-classification of workers. “State employer tax laws” are identified as the workers’ compensation law, the “unemployment compensation law,” the “Temporary Disability Benefits Law,” and the “New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act.”

The bill also provides that any individual acting on behalf of an employer, including a client employer or labor contractor, who violates any provision of those laws, or State wage and hour laws, may be held liable, as the employer, for the violation.

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State Regulatory Summary

Three proposed regulations were published in November. Maine published a proposal to reduce or eliminate licensing fees and Texas published two proposed rules that follow recently enacted legislation that provides reciprocity for military spouses for licensure administered by the State Fire Marshal, which includes fire alarm licensing.

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