Keep Your Garage Door Secure With These Helpful Tips

Keep Your Garage Door Secure With These Helpful Tips
Friday, July 24, 2015  


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Keep Your Garage Door Secure With These Helpful Tips

Irving, Texas (July 23, 2015) — All of the security systems and safety precautions you take to secure your home can be rendered moot by overlooking your garage. Garages attached to homes can offer an easy entrance for potential burglars. Armed with a little forethought, and some advice from the Electronic Security Association (ESA), you can keep your garage and the rest of your home safe.

Be mindful of your garage’s emergency release. Automatic garage door openers come with manual safety releases for emergency releases. However, potential burglars can use nefarious means to reach through gaps in the door and trigger the release. Secure the release to keep it safe from intruders while keeping it available for use in emergencies.
Teach your kids proper garage door safety. The most stringent security devices can’t deter anything if your door is left wide open. Kids leaving the garage can easily forget to close the door behind them, leaving your garage and the rest of your home open to anyone – including thieves. Teach your children to always remember to keep the door closed behind them every time.
Consider investing in a deadbolt if you don’t have one. A deadbolt lock is a cheap, simple, and effective way to keep your garage door secure.
Invest in a “code rotator” device. Enterprising burglars can use illicit devices called “code grabbers” or “code sniffers” that can wirelessly access your garage door opener. Code rotating garage door systems cycle through different codes, helping deter code grabbers and keeping your garage safe. Talk to an ESA member company about integrating your garage door equipment with your security system today.
Don’t leave the automatic switch in your car. Burglars have been known to look inside unlocked cars for the wireless buttons used to open garages. Don’t make it any easier on potential intruders: be sure to lock your car and take the button in your home with you when parked outside your garage. Consider investing in a keychain-mounted button to help keep it with you – and safe – at all times.
Padlock the garage door closed when out of town. A simple padlock inside your garage door when you’re out of town can help secure the door against potential brute force intrusions while you are away.
Avoid garage doors with windows. Thieves will often look inside garage windows to check if you’re home, as well as look to see if there is anything inside they want to steal. Deny them this opportunity.
To find a trusted security company in your area that will work with you to ensure your home is properly protected please visit today. Simply enter your zip code into the search bar and a list of qualified ESA Member companies will be displayed.
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