ESA Launches New Advocacy Platform

ESA Launches New Advocacy Platform
Jillian Bateman — July 12, 2021

For the last several years, we presented the latest news and list of bills through hard copy reports that provided a summary with a list of bills sorted by state that covered the reporting time frame. On July 1st, we switched to a new platform that is interactive and will provide you with much more flexibility in the way you view our reports on bills and regulations.

Quorum Analytics is the platform that will allow members to sort bills and regulations by state, issue area, organizational stance, or last action date. For reports that include state legislation, we will also display an interactive map that will allow you to select the state and view only bills from that state.

This interactive and flexible platform is state of the art and we are excited to make it available to members who want to stay informed on legislation or regulations that impact the electronic security and life safety industry. This platform will be of particular benefit to volunteer leaders of state associations and large regional or national companies who want to focus on bills in particular states or by specific issue areas.


The way this new platform works is simple. From your desktop, after you click on the link to the report, you will view a sheet (below the interactive map if a state report) with columns. Next to each column header is a triangle. If you hover your cursor over this triangle, you will see options to sort or filter the contents of the report by that column. If you would like to see the bills in your state, just click that state on the map and the sheet below the map will quickly reflect the bills in that state. From there, you can further sort the bills if desired. If you are viewing the state report, there is also an icon to hide the map and view a longer list of bills.

We hope you will enjoy this new experience for advocacy. We have much more flexibility with this platform, and we will work to make it even better.