Deliver Simplicity & Peace of Mind with Luma Surveillance

Deliver Simplicity & Peace of Mind with Luma Surveillance

Deliver Simplicity & Peace of Mind with Luma Surveillance 

Luma Surveillance is a full line of dealer-inspired analog and IP video surveillance solutions that install fast and deliver unparalleled peace of mind. Luma systems are intuitive so they are easy for dealers to setup and customers to use, making Luma the perfect professional surveillance system. And Luma includes a wide selection of mounting options so you can easily build the system that’s right for every installation.  

Streamline Your Surveillance Setup with LumaLink

One of the things that sets Luma apart from other video surveillance products is LumaLink – the secure, free remote access service that lets customers check on their home or business anytime, from anywhere. LumaLink simplifies setup because there are no router ports to open, or DDNS accounts to create, so you can deliver a great video surveillance solution fast. Here’s why: 

Easy Setup

LumaLink establishes remote access immediately with three easy steps. First, add the recorder to the OvrC account, then log in to LumaLink and refresh the device list and you’re set. No lengthy setup and all devices are added with one simple login.   


LumaLink utilizes point-to-point (P2P) technology to replace traditional DDNS or port forwarding, allowing you tprovide secure remote surveillance access without permanently open ports, eliminating potential threats from remote hackers and other malicious parties. 

Award-Winning Service with OvrC

Together, Luma and OvrC help you support and troubleshoot surveillance systems no matter where you are. Quickly access device information and recordings or make remote firmware updates offsite without rolling a truck. Plus, the OvrC client-facing mobile app lets your customers fix common issues on their own. 

 Privacy Mode in Residential Installations

When you install cameras on a client’s property, and especially in their home, privacy can be a concern – end users don’t always want their family time to be recorded. With Luma, these concerns are eliminated via control system APIs that allow for custom privacy modes, recording schedules, and notifications, so customers can get the peace of mind they want while ensuring their family’s privacy.   

 With privacy modesyou and your customer can quickly configure the system to record the entire property when the family is away; switch certain cameras to full private mode, completely blacking out the camera so nothing is recorded or stored when the family is home; or temporarily suspend notifications when you don’t want to be interrupted. All these modes can be set to a custom schedule and easily updated, allowing your customer to protect their family with a custom surveillance system that perfectly meets their individual needs.  


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