Changing the Landscape of 4K Video Surveillance

Changing the Landscape of 4K Video Surveillance

Video surveillance imaging technologies are in a rapid state of evolution pressured by customer demand for better quality and more cost-effective solutions. Adopting the latest imaging technologies usually comes at a high price: in addition to the cost of new products, it often requires a new investment in infrastructure – such as running new cabling and purchasing back-end equipment – which can quickly erode ROI and increase TCO. One very pragmatic solution is to leverage legacy infrastructure by replacing old analog cameras with new devices that deliver higher levels of resolution. Innovative new High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) 4K cameras accomplish this goal by using coaxial cabling to transmit UHD video signals. It’s a breakthrough in imaging technology that changes the landscape of video surveillance, allowing users to upgrade to the highest resolutions at a lower cost.

HDCVI technology seamlessly integrates traditional analog surveillance systems with the latest 4K UHD over coax by simultaneously transmitting video, power, audio and data signals over a single coaxial cable. The plug-and-play approach enables 4K HDCVI over coax video surveillance without the hassle and expense of ripping and replacing legacy coax cabling and without any sacrifice in performance.

4K Over Coax Applications

Banks and casinos have always been prime targets for criminals and, as such, face multiple security challenges. Defending against these threats, however, is increasingly expensive – but that is where the simplicity, quality and economics of a 4K HDCVI surveillance system shines. 4K HDCVI cameras deliver the resolution required to capture the smallest details including playing card faces and chip and currency denominations, as well as jewelry, tattoos and other unique identifying factors that conventional cameras typically can’t deliver. Additionally, thanks to four times the resolution and a wider field of view, a 4K HDCVI camera can replace multiple standard definition cameras for a lower total cost of ownership. As a result, fewer cameras are required, saving time and money on installation, less overall maintenance, more accurate monitoring and exceptional detail for post-forensic analysis.

It’s a Win for Gaming

The casino industry is governed by rules and regulations established to preserve the integrity of gaming activities. These regulations, established by state agencies, set stringent specifications for monitoring gambling businesses and the performance of the surveillance function. The higher resolution and clarity of 4K HDCVI easily meets the requirements for monitoring and identification in a casino environment. One benefit is that higher resolution enables the use of wider field of views while maintaining a quality image when zooming in digitally.

While customer crime is a major concern for casino management, employee crime is equally concerning.. This includes using POS devices for fraudulent recordings and theft from receiving docks and cash-handling positions. The use of high-quality 4K HDCVI cameras can help pick up any irregular behavior in order to can help mitigate the risk of employee theft.

Because transmission distances are much longer using conventional coax cabling rather than Ethernet cabling, costs are further reduced when looking to increase situational awareness throughout a larger casino complex.

Banking on Quality

Because banking continues to move towards online services, many banks have begun consolidating their branches according to a “hub-and-spoke” model, with a full-service branch as the anchor to smaller, more innovative, “express-type” branches. These smaller branches usually contain fewer employees and offer more self-service options in open environments, as opposed to conducting traditional transactions on a teller line.  Given these changes, banking security has also changed, relying more on advanced technologies and functions to help alleviate various security threats.

Like casinos, banks are highly regulated, making surveillance systems crucial for both security and compliance. In this regard, the picture quality, resolution, and color reproduction provided by 4K HDCVI can better capture facial features and help identify persons as compared to standard HD cameras.

Peace of Mind

By their very nature, 4K HDCVI cameras are more resilient to cyberattack, since non-networked devices do not face network security risks.  Many banks still prefer to keep their video surveillance systems off a network and are looking to 4K HDCVI as their new or upgraded surveillance solution.

Users previously hindered by the costs associated with upgrading to IP can reap the benefits of HDCVI, including maximizing existing infrastructure, UHD image resolution, and greater cyber safety. So before you look to reconfigure or rip and replace your coax cabling, consider a 4K HDCVI surveillance solution as a simpler and more cost-effective way to achieve higher imaging performance.