Best Leaders Invest in Their Most Important Assets

Best Leaders Invest in Their Most Important Assets
Merlin Guilbeau — April 12, 2022

On the fence about sending your leadership team to the Electronic Security Expo (ESX)?

Professionally produced and managed by the Electronic Security Association (ESA), ESX can provide opportunities that your team simply can’t get elsewhere. When employees attend ESX they learn new skills, make new connections, expose themselves to new products and inspirational moments, and so much more.

ESX is a meaningful event open exclusively to the professional security and life safety integrator and is designed to allow passionate professionals the ability to learn more, share more and interact more.

No chaotic crowds. Just tailored networking and educational sessions designed to help you and your team grow your business.

As Peter Drucker famously said, “management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.” Making an investment in the development of your team has proven to increase job satisfaction, morale and employee retention. Great leaders do the right things by investing in their most important assets, so their team is better positioned to be successful.

Sending your employees to ESX is no doubt an investment. To maximize the return on your investment, make it a point to prep your team prior to sending them and huddle with them in the days following ESX – you’ll discover they are rejuvenated and more motivated than they were before they left.

Security professionals often share with me that attending ESX with colleagues holds the team accountable to follow through on ideas and put information collected to good use for the company.

Here are four things you and your team can expect to experience by attending ESX:

Skill Development. ESX features keynote presentations and educational sessions from industry experts and influencers. These presentations aim to teach attendees new skills, best practices, and provide actionable take aways to achieve long-term success. If your employees are attentive and eager to learn, they’ll leave with new tools and ideas to incorporate into in their day-to-day workflow. Who knows, they may return and present what they learned to their coworkers, and your entire organization will benefit.

Networking Opportunities. ESX allows your employees the opportunity to interact with other professionals in their field. They can meet team members of other companies, converse with industry experts, and make lasting connections during their time at the event.

In today’s era of virtual communication, we often forget how effective in-person interaction can be. When your employees attend ESX, they can forge meaningful business relationships that simply can’t be duplicated via email or video calls. A spontaneous conversation at ESX may just lead to a long-term business relationship for your company.

Experience New Products. Be more than just a badge scan. The expo floor is open exclusively to security and life safety integration and monitoring professionals; it isn’t diluted or redirected for end users. Exhibitors can meet face-to-face with your employees to discuss exactly how innovations can be integrated into your business plan.

It’s a targeted resource for productive business conversations and features the latest products and services in categories, including access control; video surveillance; central station technology; intrusion and fire alarms; custom electronics; IT and networking; monitoring services; identification systems, and more.

Be Inspired. Every employee’s motivation dips from time to time. When you go through the same routine every single day, it’s natural to lose focus or burn out. ESX provides a great opportunity to step away from the day-to-day grind and experience something fresh and exciting.

Your employees will build skills and gain actionable insights while at ESX, but they will also feel reinvigorated after spending time in a new, high-energy atmosphere. You may think that spending time out of the office will hurt productivity – but once your employees return, they will likely be more productive than ever thanks to their newfound motivation and inspiration.

Make the investment in yourself and your most important assets. Register your team before May 14 at and take advantage of the special savings you’ll receive. Register four or more colleagues using the Executive or Deluxe pass and receive the fifth one free. If you need help or have questions reach out to Ratsani Vilaychith for assistance at 972-807-6826 or [email protected].