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The Government Relations Committee monitors US Government policies and Congressional legislation that may have an impact on ESA members, the industry or public safety and recommends initiatives where appropriate either supporting or opposing these issues.

Committee Members

Under the leadership of the committee chair, committee members work together to set the agenda and accomplish the charge of the committee, ensuring that the committee proposes sound policies and develops imaginative and viable programmatic proposals.

Government Relations Committee Members


  1. Prioritize legislative issues of importance for upcoming legislative sessions, based on identified needs, at the state and federal level
  2. Monitor state level legislation and government policies impacting the industry and develop engagement strategies in partnership with members and the Chartered Chapter Associations;
  3. Monitor federal level legislation and government policies impacting the industry and develop engagement strategies in partnership with members and the Chartered Chapter Associations;
  4. Provide subject matter expertise to policy makers, elected officials and government agencies on the federal and state level; Develop policy papers and/or model language around prioritized issues and incorporate into the engagement strategy;
  5. Encourage industry grassroots participation related to the engagement strategies developed around prioritized issues;
  6. Partner with industry groups and related industry trade associations to leverage each organizationsā€™ strengths to accomplish shared goals.


As a trade association governed by a voluntary board of directors, the Electronic Security Association works through its executive staff and various committees and task forces established by the board to fulfill its mission.

To accomplish its policy and governance responsibilities, the board creates committees and charges them with specific areas of responsibility to meet the association’s mission and goals. The executive staff consults with and supports committee programs and activities.

The appropriate role of the committee is to make recommendations to the board concerning policy and new strategies. Committees provide a venue for members to participate in the life of ESA. Members gain professionally and personally from the contact with colleagues, and future ESA leaders often emerge through committee involvement.

The President shall recommend to the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors shall establish such committees as are necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association. The President shall appoint the chairperson and members of each committee. Committees may be abolished by action of the Board of Directors. Unless the Board of Directors provides otherwise by resolution, each committee shall conduct its business and take action in the same manner as the Board of Directors conducts its business pursuant to the ESA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Committees shall report to the Board of Directors and to the Members, if so directed, by the submission of the minutes of their meetings and by such other means as are desirable or appropriate. A member of a committee shall have the right to vote on all committee matters regardless of such member’s voting status or lack of status as a Member of the Association.

Meeting Schedule

The Government Relations Committee meets at various times throughout the year.

How to Join

Are you interested in joining the Government Relations Committee? Please contact committee staff liaison for more information.

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