A Fresh, New Certified Alarm Technician Level I Course

A Fresh, New Certified Alarm Technician Level I Course
Wednesday, March 18, 2015  


Posted by: ESA Communications

ESA’s Education and Certification Committee is excited to announce the release of an updated Certified Alarm Technician 

Level I course.
This fundamental and essential course is required by dozens of states, local licensing authorities and regulators as a prerequisite for performing security integration work. 
The committee’s subject matter experts have worked tirelessly for the last 18 months to review and update the 300 page course manual and all 1,200 slides that comprise the course. Not only did they give the course a fresh new look, they also updated all code and standard references, added modern technology usages, removed legacy equipment references, and reorganized the content so that learning concepts are presented in a natural progression. 
The fundamental concepts of the course have not been removed and continue to cover critical subjects such as: standards, false alarm management, electricity, interior and perimeter sensors, control panels, communications, fire systems, client relations, job safety and more! 
To find an offering of the fresh, new Certified Alarm Technician Level I course visit the ESA/NTS learning portal site.