4 Resideo Leaders Making a Difference in the Security Industry

4 Resideo Leaders Making a Difference in the Security Industry
Electronic Security Association — January 3, 2024

In an era where security concerns have reached unprecedented heights, the role of innovative leaders in shaping the landscape of safety and protection is more crucial than ever. Among these trailblazers, there stand four remarkable individuals at Resideo, the forefront of the security community, whose ingenuity and commitment have not only redefined industry standards but have also made a profound difference in the lives of countless people.  

Their unwavering dedication to enhancing security measures, coupled with their visionary approaches, have set new benchmarks in the field. In this exclusive ESA Q&A, we delve into the extraordinary contributions of these Resideo leaders, shedding light on the impact they have had on the security community. Join us as we celebrate these individuals who are not just shaping the future of security but are making the world a safer place for everyone.  


Meet Jeannine Lane, Executive Vice President and General Counsel  

Jeannine Lane is executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary for Resideo, providing strategy and leadership on all legal matters facing the company. 

She transitioned to her current role as part of the company’s spinoff from Honeywell, serving as interim general counsel during the transition. In her 20-plus years at Honeywell, Lane established a proven track record of successfully leading legal functions for global teams including Homes Fire, Industrial Safety, Life Safety, Security, and Consumer Products. 

Can you share some of your background in service and volunteering? 

I firmly believe in giving back to our communities and I enjoy volunteering alongside my colleagues – it really brings the team together. It’s humility at its core. One of my favorite experiences was leading a teenage youth Mission trip to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. You could see these young adults behaving as servant leaders, making palpable changes to the community in their work. 

What is your outlook on the future of the security industry?      

I’m incredibly proud of the hundreds of millions of solutions installed globally that help protect what matters most. Looking to the future, there is a compelling directive to align to consumer expectations to continuously evolve the security industry. For example, industries are becoming more agnostic: lines of the security industry have blurred – it’s more than panels and peripherals.   

One key aspect I’m focused on is: ‘how do we ensure life safety as the No. 1 objective?’ And how do we minimize the time it takes to detect a threat and the time to respond to it. Time is integral to life safety. Users should never sacrifice life safety for convenience. Resideo has so much history and knowledge of what the consumer wants, and we are better able to translate that to a solution they want. Every function in the business can be an equal contributor to delivery – it takes a village!  


Meet Katie Cornett, Strategic Accounts Sales Leader 

Katie Cornett is a Strategic Accounts Sales Leader at Resideo helping national contractors drive strategic business models to promote profitable outcomes. Specializing in programs and driving collaboration, Katie uses that experience to enhance relationships between Resideo and the strategic contractor portfolio. 

With a career marked by consistent success in surpassing sales targets and fostering long-term client relationships, she is dedicated to driving both client and organizational growth.


Can you share some of your background in service and volunteering? 

I entered the industry following a period of personal reflection when I was determining the future of my career path. Recognizing that my dietetics degree did not align with my true passion, the sales industry emerged as the ideal avenue for me to pursue the rewards I was looking to achieve, both personally and professionally. Consequently, I was prompted to explore opportunities in the distribution sector, ultimately leading me to Honeywell, now Resideo. 

Within this professional journey, I discovered a deep commitment to the mission of transforming homes into secure and interconnected spaces. My satisfaction stems from actively participating in strategic decisions that enhance customer profitability while affording homeowners a sense of security, safeguarding their most prized assets. 

What are some examples of how your work at Resideo has added value to the security industry? 

I have formulated business justifications for the creation of novel products designed to address critical gaps within our portfolio, aligning with customer requirements for consolidation and enhanced profitability. Additionally, I have orchestrated comprehensive programs tailored to benefit our dealers, streamlining processes for all stakeholders involved. These initiatives empower both Resideo and our customers to optimize outcomes with a strong emphasis on profitability. 

Furthermore, I actively engage in industry councils dedicated to promoting inclusivity within our field. My commitment is rooted in fostering an environment where all communities feel welcome, thus stimulating innovation across the industry. 

What is your outlook on the future of the security industry?     

I anticipate the convergence of security with various other industries, aiming to bolster support for professionals and deliver comprehensive solutions to homeowners. These intersecting sectors encompass fire safety, water management, electrical systems, HVAC, and numerous others. The products within this domain are pivotal in safeguarding lives and valuable assets, and they will continue to evolve through collaborative synergy.  


Meet Cindy Nardella – Director, Channel Marketing 

Cindy Nardella began her career at Honeywell/Resideo in 2012. Her responsibilities included managing all aspects of the authorized dealer programs and ADI marketing. Most recently, promoted to Director of Channel Marketing, she leads Resideo’s HVAC and Security marketing strategies.  

Prior to her career at Resideo, Cindy held various roles of business management with MSC Industrial Supply in Melville, New York. Cindy has 30+ years’ experience in distribution and manufacturing. 


Can you share some of your background in service and volunteering? 

One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been creating opportunities to give back to the community, whether it is a local or nationwide organization. During my time at Honeywell/Resideo, I have led many volunteer events with Clean the World, Cheeriodicals, the Red Cross, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Splashes of Hope. We sponsored these community service activities at CONNECT, our annual event for security dealers and HVAC contractors. For CONNECT 2023, we are partnering with Mission 500 to build 250+ care packs for very special children fighting cancer at the Phoenix Childrens Hospital. 

What are some examples of how your work at Resideo has added value to the security industry? 

A major project I’m proud of that has impacted the security industry was the total revamp of our loyalty program. Taking this program to the next level with our most loyal customers helped drive substantial growth in the connected home space for Resideo and most importantly, our dealers’ businesses.  

Another key program I’m involved in is CONNECT, the largest independent dealer and contractor gathering – exclusively for Pro PERKS Platinum Member and Resideo Premier Partners. CONNECT attendees represent the broadest segment of the security and contractor market and encompass some of the most highly respected companies in our industry. Year after year, our customers tell us that attending this event is one of the best investments they make in their businesses. 

What is your outlook on the future of the security industry?   

I am so excited about the evolution of the security industry, especially with Resideo’s efforts to support the next generation of workers. Our Brand Ambassador program is a great career path for someone just entering the workforce because it gives them an opportunity to learn about the business from the ground up. From the marketing team to sales leadership, everyone is invested in helping these individuals succeed and it has been rewarding to see this program evolve and grow across the country. Also, our work with the Building Talent Foundation is ensuring that we educate students in the technical career field about the exciting opportunities in the Connected Home space. By helping these individuals find a rewarding career, we are also helping our customers find quality talent at a time when it is most needed. With my years of experience in distribution and working to drive new talent for the industry, I am thrilled to see what the future holds for Resideo and our customers. 


Meet April Downs, Inside Sales Manager  

April Downs started off in the security industry 23 years ago, back when Resideo was Ademco, and through the extraordinary coaching and mentoring she received from leadership, quickly realized that sales was about building relationships, really getting to know our customers on a deeper level, understanding their pain points or what keeps them up at night. After working the front lines as an Inside Sales Representative for over a decade, she took her passion for helping people to the next level by moving into Inside Sales Leadership where, every day, she is now able to coach and mentor the current generation of Inside Sales Representatives.


Can you share some of your background in service and volunteering? 

The security industry has always been about servant leadership which will continue to be an important part the industry’s future. I am so honored to have had the privilege of growing up within a company that maintains that same core value, especially one so rooted in giving back. Resideo is really dedicated      to making a difference, especially in the lives of our customers and communities, which has been seen through our various nonprofit and volunteer initiatives throughout the years. Most recently my team and I were able to participate in the Mission 500 backpack event with ADI and P&S where we assisted in assembling 600 hygiene kits for local students in JCPS.  It is so meaningful when a small act of kindness can bring such enormous joy to someone else’s life. 

What are some examples of how your work at Resideo has added value to the security industry? 

Delivering world-class support to customers is and has always been a top priority for me and is a culture I encourage within my teams.  A culture where we stay focused on not just our customers, but our customer’s customer, finding the perfect solutions to fit their needs, and building strong, long-lasting relationships that will last for many years to come. We really like to roll up our sleeves with each installation a customer brings to our table to fully understand how our products and/or services can complement their ideas. Just recently we had the pleasure of working with a customer whose client was hearing impaired, so a traditional alarm setup where sound was involved wouldn’t be useful. After working closely with the dealer to understand the application and needs of the client, using a Resideo Vista panel, we were able to tie in a 3rd party vibration module (“bed-shaker”) as well as our Zwave lighting modules with scene-setting and the use of colored light bulbs to not only alert the homeowner of an alarm but also to notify him of the specific type of alarm, through sight and touch. Finding ways to save lives, each and every day! 

What is your outlook on the future of the security industry?     

As crime rates continue to grow each year, so will the demand for higher levels of safety and security for families and homes. In addition, the increased interest in Smart Home Technology throughout the home really opens the door to even more opportunity within the security industry. With Resideo’s portfolio of connected products already providing solutions for every room in the home, I am very excited to see where the future takes us.  

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