Leadership Summit — Strategically Efficient

Leadership Summit — Strategically Efficient
Posted: Nov 28, 2018
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by Merlin Guilbeau, IOM - Executive Director & CEO

The calendar in our industry is packed full of events to choose from. Representing ESA, I attend many of them. I’ve become quite the connoisseur of events, having attended many dealer events, trade shows, hosted buyer events, and smaller conferences, but none offer the uniquely valuable experience of the Leadership Summit.

There’s a lot of competition for your time. As we continually evolve the Summit, we are keenly focused on packing the most valuable experience into three days to ensure leadership teams are energized, motivated, educated and revamped for the new year.

To drive the efforts of an operation, there must be a strong team at the helm — guiding the strategic vision. They must quell complications between employees and departments and motivate and maximize the diverse strengths of individuals. When we skip out on this time to develop and bond with our leadership team as a unit — not just meeting on production updates, but on our vision, and the impact our interactions have on our people — we make a big mistake.

We have focused this year on ensuring the Summit is the most strategically efficient use of your time, from networking, to motivating, to leadership training, business model reflection and product education.

There are leaders who build a great team, but suffer with consistently keeping them interested, motivated and passionate about what they do each day. Leadership Summit is that opportunity for executive teams to come together and evolve, growing as a unit with a laser focus for the new year.

ESA funnels a considerable amount of resources on bringing in experts to offer fresh perspectives on old ways of thinking. Providing examples on how you can better tackle industry-specific challenges, the Summit’s main stage is packed with experts from other fields to help generate new ideas and approaches.

The more you invest in the growth of your business, the more you network, the more you’re in the right place at the right time — around the right people — I believe, this is what sparks opportunities and success.

With a pre-event online community and networking tool to find and schedule time with the right people across the nation, time onsite to share and explore, and networking that encourages bonding and new contacts, I believe this event to be a great use of time away from the office.

I am confident that the 2019 Leadership Summit is the opportunity to create the kind of environment and conditions that will allow your team to thrive and be resilient in the year to come.



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