ESA Thanks Ron Walters for His Contributions to the Industry

ESA Thanks Ron Walters for His Contributions to the Industry
Posted: May 2, 2018
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Ronald “Ron” Walters has retired as director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) after a stellar career that included work in law enforcement, corporate security, an alarm company owner and director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition.

"In addition to his role with SIAC, Ron served as a true ambassador for ESA to our chapters and members," says Merlin Guilbeau, ESA Executive Director and CEO. "Thank you for the years of dedicated service to my colleague and friend. He will be greatly missed."

In his position Ron interfaced on a daily basis with the leadership at ESA as well as the membership in most states. One of his responsibilities was to monitor and review industry legislation at the state and local level for all 50 states.

“Ron’s leadership role in our industry helped lay the foundation for creating SIAC. He would fly to a city on a moment's notice and meet with adversarial city council members to convey our factual information,” said Stan Martin, SIAC executive director. "He was very effective and everyone in our industry has benefited from his groundbreaking work with dealer education and standards development related to alarm management.”

Walters gained prominence through his work on a number of industry issues. Among them was his role in the Model States Program in 1997. Walters was selected to coordinate data collection in the state of Florida, working with more than 30 police departments to study the causes and potential solutions of false alarm dispatches. The results were combined with information from three additional states ending with the publication and distribution of the Model States Report in 1998, a document that still influences the industry today. He also contributed to the Coordinated Alarm Reduction Effort (CARE) led by the NBFAA (Now ESA) and IACP from 1999-2003.

“When I walked into the Miami Police Academy in 1968 I never dreamed I would spend the next 50 years working every day to keep people safe,” said Walters. “Here I am at the end of two decades of working for our industry and for alarm users everywhere. In that capacity I have traveled well over a million miles, visited virtually every state, made hundreds of presentations and most important met thousands of some of the best people in the world. Thank you all for the many great memories.” 



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