ESA Certified Security Salesperson Certification (CSS)

Why should I earn my CSS?

The ESA Certified Security Salesperson Certification gives you a road map for success in your career development by requiring applicants to meet stringent training and work experience requirements.  They are earned and continuously maintained to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

The ESA advantage over other certification programs is that our certifications are based on rigorous certification curriculum and field experience requirements to ensure that students meet core skills and knowledge. They validate your abilities to customers, supervisors, peers and potential employers.

How do I earn the CSS Certification?

Requirements to earn the ESA Certified Security Salesperson Certification (CSS):

  1. Complete ESA Certified Alarm Technician (CAT) Level 1 course or the Understanding Electronic Security Systems (UESS) course
  2. Complete the Security Sales Essentials (SSE) course and pass the proctored multiple-choice examination.
  3. Submit the New Certification Request Form with the required documentation

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