Stay Safe This Thanksgiving at Home or On the Road

Stay Safe This Thanksgiving at Home or On the Road
Tuesday, November 24, 2015  


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Stay Safe This Thanksgiving at Home or On the

Irving, Texas (November 24, 2015) —
Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the annual winter holiday season, with families across the
country coming together around the dinner table to reconnect and give thanks. The holiday
reunites families and friends for a chance to share good food, conversation and laughter as the
leaves turn and winter quickly approaches. It’s easy to overlook potential threats to the
safety of your home and family during these festive times, so the Electronic Security
Association (ESA) has some helpful advice to make sure this holiday stays memorable for all the
right reasons.
If you’re traveling

Arrange for someone to check your mail while you are gone, and ask your
newspaper to hold deliveries for the duration of your trip. Piled-up mail and newspapers is a
good indicator that no one is home, and could invite potential burglars to target your
Be wary of broadcasting your plans on social media; potential burglars could be monitoring
your feed to see when you are leaving and then plan their crimes accordingly. Be mindful of who
can see your posts, or better yet wait until you’ve gotten home before sharing stories of your
Many home security systems offer web-connected services allowing you to monitor your home
remotely, for example allowing you to monitor video and door locks via your smartphone. Find and contact an ESA-
member company here to see what options are best for you and your family.
A home automation system from a trusted ESA-member company can set the lights and
electronics in your home to simulate your presence while you are gone, leading potential
burglars to believe your home is occupied and making you a less-appealing target.
Let family and trusted friends know about your travel itinerary, especially when you plan
to arrive and keep them notified of any changes.
As always, be sure to secure your doors and windows before leaving.

There are an entirely different set of concerns for families hosting
Thanksgiving gatherings as opposed to traveling to them. According to the U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission, the threat of home fires triple on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re staying home

“Stand by your pan” when cooking. Never leave food, grease or oils cooking unattended on
the stovetop.
Pot holders, oven mitts, food wrappers, and other things that can catch on fire should be
kept away from the stove.
Children should also be kept away from hot stoves and paid particular attention to when
they are in the kitchen.
Facing pot handles towards the rear of the stove can save them from being knocked over and
scalding people nearby.
Long sleeves and loose clothing should be avoided while cooking as it can easily catch
If you plan on having a large number of people in your home, be sure to have an updated
list of the valuables in your home beforehand in case a friend of a friend turns out to be less
than trustworthy.
It is wise to have your fire detection system tied into your alarm system.

To learn more about how to protect your family and valuables, be sure to contact an ESA
member company today and visit for more
helpful tips.
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