The Smart Home Opportunity: A Room by Room Analysis

Connectivity in the home and the addition of connected devices continues to expand year-over-year. Consumers who own smart home devices are buying more, creating new opportunities for integration and user experiences. These products provide an increased level of convenience for consumers through home automation and home security applications, energy management and energy efficiency services, and the ability to control and monitor the home remotely.

This report details the growing opportunity in this space with a room-by-room breakdown of the smart home and popular uses for devices.

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Over 80% of consumers find at least one action associated with an “away from home” routine appealing.


Penetration into the living room or family room by smart home devices is currently at 41% among smart home device owners.


Nearly 40% of both network and all-in-one camera owners report placing these devices on the exterior of their home.

The full report, The Smart Home Opportunity: Room-By-Room, is a Parks Associates Research Report commissioned by ESA and sponsored by Resideo to deliver the latest facts and trends to help you make informed decisions on capturing new customers through careful business strategy evolutions.

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