The Kentucky Scholarship is Brought to you by the Kentucky Electronic Security Association

What you’ll need to complete this application

  • Official High School Transcripts
    Must be converted to 4.0 scale for consideration.
  • Official SAT/ACT Scores
    Optional/not required in 2021. Student’s GPA will be more heavily weighted if test scores are not available due to COVID restrictions.
  • College Acceptance Letter
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
    From high school counselor, teacher or outside agency.
  • Proof of Parent’s Occupation
    Copy of ID or supervisory letter on station letterhead is acceptable.
  • Essay
    Please answer: “What it means to me to have my parent/guardian involved in securing our community.” (500-1,000 words)
  • Completed Community Service Form
  • NEW: (Optional) video upload of student explaining how COVID has impacted them.

Step 1: Students should apply directly to their participating state (where first responder parent serves) or if state is not listed, to ESA directly

Step 2: Each participating state and the national Electronic Security Association will announce a first place winner. Scholarship money will be awarded to all first round winners.

Step 3: The ESA winner and winners from each participating state will be entered into an overall national award, where winners will be considered to win an additional $13,000 to the overall first place winner and $4,500 to the overall second place winner.

Step 4: The first place national winner and the student’s first responder parent will be acknowledged and presented with a check.



Phone: (502) 536-9372
[email protected]


Friday, May 15



In addition to this prize. The winner will automatically be entered as a finalist into the ESA National Scholarship:
First Place: $13,000
Second Place: $4,500