This Indiana Scholarship is Brought to you by the Electronic Security Association of Indiana

What you’ll need to complete this application

  • Official High School Transcripts
    Must be converted to 4.0 scale for consideration.
  • College Acceptance Letter
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
    From high school counselor, teacher or outside agency.
  • Proof of Parent’s Occupation
    Copy of ID or supervisory letter on station letterhead is acceptable.
  • Essay
    Please answer: “What it means to me to have my parent/guardian involved in securing our community.” (500-1,000 words)
  • Completed Community Service Form
  • Optional: Official SAT/ACT Scores
    Student’s without test scores will have their GPA more heavily impact their score in the judging process.

Step 1: Students should apply directly to their participating state (where first responder parent serves) or if state is not listed, to ESA directly

Step 2: Each participating state and the national Electronic Security Association will announce a first place winner. Scholarship money will be awarded to all first round winners.

Step 3: 16+ scholarship prizes will be awarded. The ESA winner and winners from each participating state will be entered into our finalists round. An overall national scholarship will be awarded, where winners will be considered to win an additional $12,000 for the first-place finalist and $4,000 to the second-place finalist.

Step 4: The first place national winner and the student’s first responder parent/guardian will be flown out to Louisville, KY and acknowledged on the ESX Stage on Thursday, June 8 where they will be presented with a check.



Dave Jones
Phone: (317) 426-6139
[email protected]


Friday, April 14



In addition to this prize, the winner will automatically be entered as a finalist into the ESA National Scholarship:
First Place: $12,000
Second Place: $4,000

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