Immediate Results for Proctored Exams

Immediate Results for Proctored Exams
Wednesday, February 18, 2015  


Posted by: ESA Communications

Here at ESA’s National Training School we are continuing our mission to make it easier and faster for our customers to get access to their training records. In the past several months we have implemented a new Learning Portal that makes is easier for companies and technicians to register for courses, view their training records, and to manage their information.
The next phase in this mission is to give test takers immediate pass/fail results. Many of our classroom courses now provide students the option of bringing their own device to class so that they can take the final exam using computer based testing. This system lets them know immediately if they passed or failed.
In addition, ESA’s National Training School has partnered with PSI’s nationwide network of PSI Authorized testing centers for students to schedule and take proctored examinations when they have completed one of ESA/NTS’s online courses. These state-of-the art test centers will provide ESA/NTS with consistency in security, design and registration procedures that will help our training customers attain their necessary credentials.
Using computer based testing, PSI and ESA/NTS will provide test takers their results immediately following the completion of the exam. In addition, the varied locations and flexible hours of operation will accommodate technicians busy work schedules. For more information about this new process visit our proctored exam information page.