2024 ESA Board of Directors Election

This year’s election will be held to fill the following positions on the ESA Board of Directors:


INTEGRATOR DIRECTOR – Three (3) positions for two-year terms

NATIONAL COMPANY DIRECTOR – One (1) position for two-year term 

ASSOCIATE MEMBER DIRECTOR – One (1) position for two-year term 


Integrator and Associate Members in Good Standing who are Voting Representatives for their organization and are interested in serving as a Director of the association may submit their name via the application below by February 15, 2024.

All qualified candidates will be announced on March 25 by the Nominating Committee. Ballots will be distributed electronically on April 29 and must be completed by May 24 at 2:00 PM (Central). Directors will be installed at the Annual Membership meeting, which will take place on June 3 at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in Louisville, KY. All elected candidates will take office on July 1.


For complete nomination and election procedures, director job description, and director characteristics details, please click on the informational sections below.

Thank you for your participation in this very important process!

— Kirk MacDowell
ESA Member and Chairman of the Leadership Identification and Nomination Committee (LINC)

Nomination Procedures

Notification of annual election, call for nominations of open Director positions, along with nomination and election procedures will be sent to all eligible Members in Good Standing at least 90 days prior to the election via email.

For a candidate to be considered for an open Director position, each Director shall be the Voting Representative of a Member who is a Member in Good Standing and the following application and documentation must be submitted to the Leadership Identification & Nomination Committee (the “Nominating Committee”).

Completed application:

  1. Name, company, and address of candidate (including email and phone).
  2. Volunteer experience in trade or volunteer organizations.
  3. The Director position being sought. (eligibility verified by ESA)
  4. Three (3) references with at least one (1) from a Voting Representative of a Member in Good Standing.
  5. Acknowledgement of characteristics and position requirements (check box).


Attached documents include:

  1. Headshot (high resolution jpeg or png file).
  2. Short bio (150-200 words). 
  3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Endorsement(s) in writing by at least one (1) Voting Representative of a Member in Good Standing on company letterhead (or company-verified email).


Candidates shall submit their application along with all documentation described above using the official online portal provided by ESA.

The Nominating Committee shall propose and submit to all Voting Representatives of Members in Good Standing its recommended candidates for each of the open Director positions at least 60 days prior to the election.


Election Procedures

An annual election of the open Director positions shall be held once a year at a date and time to be determined by the Nominating Committee.

Ballots with candidates’ pictures and biographies will be electronically delivered to all Voting Representatives of Members in Good Standing no less than 21 days prior to the election date.

Electronic ballots must be cast by 2:00 PM Central Time on the designated election date.

Ballots shall be electronically purged thirty (30) days after a contested election is resolved.

Installation of Directors will take place during the Annual Meeting.

Members will be notified of election results in digital and print publications following the Annual Meeting.

Position Title: ESA Director


Basic Function

The job of the individual Director is to participate as part of the Board team to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. The Director serves as an “ambassador of goodwill” at all times to advance the organization’s mission and programs.


Specific Responsibilities of Individual Directors 

  1. Be informed about, believe in, and actively support the association’s missions, services, policies, and programs.
  2. Participate in Director orientations.
  3. Understand and accept the fiduciary responsibilities associated with serving as a board member, including the duties of loyalty, care, and obedience.
  4. Attend Board meetings, planning meetings and assigned committee meetings and functions such as special events.
  5. Comply with applicable laws and all association governing documents including, but not limited to: Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Antitrust, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality, and any other board-approved policies or resolutions.
  6. Understand that all power rests with the full Board, not individual Board members.
  7. Share wisdom and insights to help the Board make appropriate decisions and set policy.
  8. Assist the association staff in the recruitment and retention of members.
  9. Serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments.
  10. Review agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings.
  11. Be an advocate to the community and constituents for programs and Board decisions.
  12. Promote all activities of the association to other members and prospective members.
  13. Seek opportunities to expand knowledge about the organization.
  14. Resign from the Board when no longer able to support the mission or devote the necessary time to be a good Director or when ongoing conflict of interest arises.
  15. Suggest possible nominees for Directors, Committees, or Professional Groups who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the association to the Leadership Identification & Nomination Committee.

Representing the Electronic Security Association as a volunteer is a privilege and an honorable way to give back to the electronic security and life safety industry.  The Leadership Identification and Nomination Committee has adopted these characteristics as a foundation for all volunteer leaders to practice and adhere to.


Ethical and moral character/values and ethics

  • To be an effective leader volunteer, we must be honest and have good moral character.  Confidentiality, trust, and transparency are paramount to the organization. Personal integrity and bringing credit to ESA and our profession is key.


Passion for the industry, ESA’s mission

  • Eager to participate in every meeting, ask questions, prepare in advance, take responsibility, and follow through on assignments.


Ability to

  • Listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group and respect the opinion of others.


Support the mission of ESA

  • Including financially according to circumstances, participate in ESA functions and serve in leadership roles.



  • Cultivate and recruit board members, committee members and overall membership into ESA.



  • Sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views; a friendly, helpful, and patient approach; ability to lead and influence others; straightforward and impartial; discretion and values; confidentiality.


ESA Board of Directors Nomination