Farewell to 43rd ESA President, Chris Mosley

Farewell to 43rd ESA President, Chris Mosley
ESA Communications — November 11, 2020

For Chris Mosley, founder of Complete Security Systems, Inc., almost nothing beats his favorite little Italian restaurant in New Jersey, except perhaps serving the electronic security and life safety industry as ESA president. On Friday, Nov. 6, a small group of family and industry friends gathered physically (socially distanced of course) as well as virtually at this restaurant in a private room for a safe, yet very commemorative evening to celebrate ESA’s 43rd president.

The happily surprised Mosley circulated the room, smiling and laughing, when he noticed the ESA staff members and Executive Committee on the screen of a laptop strategically positioned in the room for a pre-planned, surprise zoom call to join the festivities and help celebrate Mosley’s two-year term as ESA President. After virtual waves, happy hellos and a few laughs, the evening got underway with the purpose of this gathering – honoring Mosley’s contributions to the industry.

A hush came over the room as a short video the ESA Team put together was played on the laptop for all to see, capturing highlights of Mosley’s service to the Association. (Click on the video embedded within this article to share in Mosley’s accomplishments over the years!) This was followed by Angela White, past ESA President and ESA volunteer leader, officially welcoming Mosley to ESA’s Past President Club by passing him the honorary eternal flame award.



“Winston Churchill said,” recites White, “’we make a living not by what we get, but what we give …’”

The group applauded Mosley’s passion for helping, working with, and serving others as demonstrated while at the helm, as rough waters and uncharted territory presented unknown, never-before-seen, predicted or experienced circumstances.

“COVID robbed a lot of people of a lot of things this year, but ESA came together,” encourages Mosley. “We are stronger together and that’s what we relied upon.”

Of course, serving as chief volunteer of any national organization is not an easy undertaking under “normal” circumstances; however, during situations of global pandemic, social unrest and a heavily divided political landscape, it can seem impossible. Mosley says his success as president is due to the ESA staff as well as all the members unbreakably poised together for the common good of the industry.



When asked to give others advice on how someone can become ESA President, Mosley says: “Be prepared and be ready. All incoming presidents are vetted by the association, as we don’t take this decision lightly.”

Each ESA president is handed a blank canvas on which to paint their impression of the Association’s mission and Mosley’s canvas is now a fully painted masterpiece of success. But he is not stopping there.

“I have a couple of little side projects I’m going to start working on,” says Mosley.

Before the zoom call with ESA staff ended, allowing Mosley and his entourage to get back to dinner, White presented him with a heart-felt parting gift as tradition of the executive committee.

“What do you get for someone who has everything and if he doesn’t have it and he wants or needs it, he’ll just go out and buy it for himself,” jokes White. “We [the executive committee] came up with the idea of a commissioned painting.”



The portrait, painted by artist Inna Knox, wife of ESA Member and ESA Past President, John Knox of KNOX Integration, is a conglomerate of three separate photographs celebrating Chris’ love — his farm.

He was handed the painting and after taking it in, he smiled, thanking everyone.

“This is the best gift I’ve ever received,” he said softly.

As Chris tips his hat to the presidency, he continues to serve on ESA’s Executive Committee, through 2021.

“I lost my 90-year-old dad this year, not to COVID, thank God,” says Mosley. “He would be so proud.”


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