The NSA and IACP Endorse SIAC’s Model Alarm Ordinance

The NSA and IACP Endorse SIAC’s Model Alarm Ordinance
Posted: Dec 5, 2018
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by Chris Heaton - Vice President for Advocacy and Public Affairs

After many years of collaboration and deliberation, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) was successful in obtaining the endorsement of a Model Ordinance for False Alarm Reduction and Management by the National Sheriffs Association (NSA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) during their respective annual membership meetings in 2018.

The NSA reviewed and endorsed the model ordinance during its annual meeting in June and most recently, the IACP membership voted in November to accept the board-approved resolution endorsing the model ordinance after its annual meeting.

The ordinance is established to set reasonable standards for users, ensure that alarm owners are held responsible for their use of alarm systems, and to encourage the use of security systems and best practices.

This is a significant development between law enforcement and the electronic security and life safety industries. As we have seen in cities like Sandy Springs, GA there are local government officials who adopt policies that run counter to best practices in alarm management.

The approved resolutions by the NSA and IACP of the model ordinance provides a powerful tool to local law enforcement and elected leaders who want to reduce false alarms and manage limited manpower for public safety, without compromising quality service delivery to citizens.

SIAC is supported by ESA, TMA, SIA and many industry leaders who understand the importance of its mission to reduce false alarms in a way that does not compromise public safety.

The endorsement by leading law enforcement associations in the country of its Model Ordinance demonstrates the great work SIAC does for the electronic security industry and the service it provides to law enforcement and the citizens it serves with alarm management practices that work.

To view the IACP resolution, click here.



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