ESA's Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a structured, year-long program connecting those looking for guidance and growth with others who have committed to sharing their experience and perspective.

Mentorship Class of 2018

Joseph Mignone Select Security Rachel Kurian Wayne Alarm Systems
Clint Buckingham Security Equipment, Inc. Sam Korff JM Resource
Steven Paley Rapid Security Solutions Gregg Katz RFI Enterprises, Inc
Roger Parks Select Security Casey Mullan RFI Enterprises, Inc
Angela White Central 1 Security Cameron Fleck NewVision
Jamie Vos Security Solutions NW Zach Rice TAS Security Systems
Dee Ann Harn RFI Enterprises, Inc William Galippo Smart Tech Protect- ADT Authorized Dealer
Cathy Rempel American Security Integrators Matthew Brandon AvantGuard Monitoring
Luke Wheeler Holmes Security Systems Blake Morris Modern Systems
Kenneth Gould Ken Gould Consulting David DeCamp Double D Security Solutions, Inc.

How it Works

The Rising Leaders Council and ESA staff will match mentees with mentors from ESA member companies based on developmental goals and areas of interest included in the participant applications.

During the year-long period, pairs will meet for a minimum of two hours monthly (either in person or via phone/video conference); and must meet in person at the 2018 ESA Leadership Summit and ESX.

Program Eligibility & Requirements


  • Eligible mentees must be employed with an ESA member company for a minimum of one year. (Associate Member employees do not qualify.)

  • Mentees must be able to obtain written approval from their managers. This must be included with all complete applications.

  • Mentees must submit a completed application, resume and letter of recommendation.


  • Eligible mentors must be senior management with a minimum of five years of industry experience and should be employed with an ESA member company. (Associate Member employees do not qualify).

  • *Exceptions may be made if the member has previously owned and/or managed an alarm/security company.

ESA members who wish to participate, either as mentors or mentees, are required to complete the application. To ensure we have accurate data for reporting and matching, it is important that we capture this feedback directly from you.

  1. A potential mentor/mentee applies for the program.
  2. Rising Leaders Council and ESA staff screen applications, making selections for accepted applicants.
  3. The Rising Leaders Council and ESA staff match pairs, taking into consideration developmental goals, areas of interest, etc.
  4. Applicants are notified of their status and kick-off meeting for the Class of 2018 ensues.

To ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected for the program, it is important that managers approve mentee participation in the program. It is also important that managers understand the time commitment required for the program.

Based on the limited number of spaces for the program (25 pairs), not everyone will have the ability of participating. We appreciate all interest in the program and encourage those not selected for the Class of 2018 to apply again in 2019.

This program includes a strategic professional development series. To maximize benefits of your participation, it is required that you attend each event (the 2018 ESA Leadership Summit and ESX, as well as, both scheduled webinars). If your schedule, over the next year will not permit you to commit to attending the events, webinars, and approximately two hours each month, you should not apply.

You may only serve as a mentor OR a mentee in the program.

Mentor/mentee matches will be made by the Rising Leaders Council and ESA staff. While you may indicate a pairing preference, no matches will be guaranteed.

For More Information

For questions or more information about the ESA Mentorship Program, please contact Jillian Bateman

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