NTS Certifications Now Valid for 24 Months

NTS Certifications Now Valid for 24 Months
Saturday, July 18, 2015  


Posted by: ESA Communications

We have great news for those who hold an NTS Certification: certifications will now be valid for 24 months rather than 12. 

The Education Committee and the ESA Board of Directors agreed to change the term of certifications so there is less paper work for certification holders to submit and maintain. How does this impact you? If you hold an active NTS certification it will still expire on the date found on your ID card. However, when you renew, your expiration date will be set to 24 months rather than 12. The crucial requirement of participating in continuous learning activities will remain the same, but after the two years expire you will submit 24 hours of approved CEUs rather than 12. For more information about this change view our certification information page.

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