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Established in 1948, ESA is the largest trade association in the United States representing the electronic security and life safety industry.

Member companies install, integrate and monitor intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and electronic access control systems for commercial, residential, industrial and governmental clients. In cooperation with an alliance of chapter associations, ESA provides technical and management training, government advocacy and delivers information, advice, tools, and services that members use to grow their businesses and prosper.  

Together, ESA member companies employ more than 500,000 industry professionals and serve more than 34 million residential and commercial clients.

Vision Statement

Position the association to be indispensable and relevant in an ever changing profession.

Mission Statement

To build a community that provides resources, advocacy, connections and education for professionals within the electronic security and life safety industry.

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It's our business to help your business do more business. Our members know the tremendous value of putting the power of a national association behind their businesses. Here are just some of the companies that are a part of the association.

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  • Past Presidents
  • Weinstock Award
  • Jackson Award

The Electronic Security Association salutes those who have served as president throughout the years. Their leadership and guidance has contributed to the legacy of ESA and provided a strong foundation as we look toward the future.

2016 - 2018 Angela White

2014 - 2016 Marshall Marinace

2012 - 2014 John Knox

2010 - 2012 Charles (Dom) D'Ascoli

2008 – 2010 Michael A. Miller

2006 - 2008 George P. Gunning

2004 - 2006 Scot Colby

2002 – 2004 Cecil Hogan

2000 – 2002 Bart A. Didden

1998 – 2000 Daniel F. Jacquish

1996 – 1998 Carl E. Spiegel

1994 – 1996 James W. Lees

1992 – 1994 Dennis J. Gross

1990 – 1992 Patrick M. Egan

1988 – 1990 Patricia M. Smith

1986 – 1988 Robert A. Bonifas

1984 – 1986 John W. Mabry

1982 – 1984 Stanley C. Lott

1980 – 1982 George A. Smith, III

1979 – 1980 A.E. Reynolds

1977 – 1979 Joseph F. Duncan

1975 – 1977 Norman Rubin

1973 – 1974 George A. Weinstock

1971 – 1973 Harold W. Gray, Jr.

1969 – 1971 Arthur L. Foell

1967 – 1969 Raymond Stenzi

1965 – 1967 H. John Poile

1963 – 1965 Herman Schmidt

1962 – 1963 John P. Jones

1960 – 1962 Victor R. Zahn

1959 – 1960 Lyle B. Underdown

1958 – 1959 Francois E. Guibert

1957 – 1958 Norval (Bud) Poulson

1956 – 1957 Joseph E. Cunningham, Sr.

1955 – 1956 Morris F. Weinstock

1954 – 1955 Leslie G. Phares

1953 – 1954 Harold S. Leich

1952 – 1953 Herbert N. Levy

1951 – 1952 James W. Flotron, Jr.

1950 – 1951 Sara E. Jackson

1949 – 1950 Dr. J. Stewart Jackson

1948 – 1949 Benjamin H. Call

2018 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award

Angela WhiteCentral 1 Security

The Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year Award is considered to be the most esteemed honor in the electronic security and life safety industry. The award was first presented in 1970 to honor the lifetime volunteer work of the ESA co-founder and past president. Introduced by the family of Morris F. Weinstock, this award continues to recognize volunteer leadership for ESA. Each year the recipient is chosen from nominations received from the board of directors and past recipients.

The award is graciously sponsored by Interlogix, ESA’s exclusive Diamond Executive Strategic Partner.

Award Criteria

Eligibility is based on the lifetime achievement and service to the electronic security industry. The following items are considered when considering recipients of this award:


1. Dedication to the electronic security industry.
2. Worked tirelessly for the betterment of the electronic security industry.
3. Distinguished performance in various leadership roles of the electronic security industry. (i.e. national and state association, committees, tasks force, foundations)
4. Support of the Electronic Security Association.
5. Must be an ESA member in good standing for not less than five (5) years.

Additional Items 

1. Participation in chapter meetings, events, seminars and trade shows
2. Participation in national meetings, events, seminars and trade shows
3. Visitation to other chapters
4. Participation in other electronic security industry meetings, events, seminars and trade shows
5. Significant contribution to the establishment of a new chapter
6. Actively participated in the recruitment of new members
7. Continuous and consistent service by participation in the electronic security industry over a long span of time
8. Making a significant contribution for the advancement of the electronic security industry
9. Contribution to civic and charitable activities outside of the industry
10.Recognition of accomplishments by other organizations
11.Willingness to share knowledge to help others succeed in the industry

Past Morris F. Weinstock Winners:

2017 Tom Donaldson
2016 Jon Sargent
2015 Marshall Marinace
2014 John D. Knox
2013 Charles "Dom" D'Ascoli
2012 David Koenig
2011 Daniel W. Budinoff
2010 Michael A. Miller
2009 James D. Orvis
2008 Ralph W. Sevinor
2007 Scot Colby
2006 Christopher B. Cage
2005 Melvin Mahler
2004 Cecil E. Hogan
2003 George P. Gunning
2002 Bart A. Didden
2001 Daniel F. Jacquish
2000 Robert L. Ohm
1999 Pamela J. Alva
1998 Ronald W. Cain
1997 William N. Moody
1996 Carl E. Spiegel
1995 Col. Emil Wengel
1994 Leo A. Guthart
1993 Dennis J. Gross
1992 James W. Lees
1991 John R. Jennings
1990 Patrick M. Egan
1989 C. J. (Stan) Martin
1988 Patricia M. Smith
1987 Thomas F. Smith
1986 Robert A. Bonifas
1985 Charles G. Darsch, Jr.
1984 Stanley C. Lott
1983 John W. Mabry
1982 George A. Smith, III
1981 Richard M. Bugbee
1980 William Koch
1979 Joseph F. Duncan
1978 Patrick Devine
1977 H. John Poile
1976 Robert W. Shirley
1975 Anthony H. Schwartz
1974 Arthur L. Foell
1973 Harold W. Gray, Jr.
1972 Norval (Bud) Poulson
1971 Norman Rubin
1970 George Smith, Jr.

2018 Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award

Robert Few Managing Partner, The Connection Xchange
Get To Know Robert!

The Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award, which honors the memory of the 1950-51 ESA President, recognizes an ESA volunteer who has exhibited exceptional leadership skills on an ESA committee, task force or board. This year's winner is industry veteran Steve Firestone.

The Sara E. Jackson Award is sponsored by ESA's exclusive Platinum Executive Strategic Partner, Honeywell.

Past Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award Winners:

2017 Steve Firestone
2016 Kelly Bond
2015 George Bish
2014 Sam Fiske
2013 George De Marco
2012 Robert J. McVeigh
2011 L.J. Lynes
2010 David M. Koenig
2009 Richard M. Simpson
2008 Francis (Frank) Burke
2007 Greg Kessinger
2006 Paul F. Baran
2005 Michael A. Miller
2004 Daniel W. Budinoff
2003 Tony Smith
2002 Scot Colby
2001 Kathleen D. Schraufnagel
2000 John D. Knox
1999 Robert W. Sturcken
1998 Robert A. Shoremount
1997 Ronald W. Cain
1996 James M. Boggs
1995 Daniel F. Jacquish
1994 Col. Emil Wengel
1993 Robert A. Bonifas
1992 Dennis J. Gross
1991 James Cookerly
1990 James W. Lees
1989 C.J. (Stan) Martin
1988 Doug DeMoss
1987 Patrick M. Egan
1986 Susan Whitehurst
1985 Lois Rosenman
1984 Patricia M. Smith




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