ESA Code of Ethics

ESA member companies are required to adhere to the ESA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct as part of their commitment to serve the public with high quality products and services that help save lives and protect property. Companies that violate the Code are subject to membership termination. Highlights of the ESA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, include:

ESA Member company sales representatives must:

  • Carry photo identification and clearly state who they work for when making sales calls
  • Be properly licensed and registered in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • Immediately discontinue a sales presentation and leave the premises if a potential customer asks them to leave.
  • Never make any false statements about competing organizations.

Members are required to meet or exceed the following standards when contracting with customers:

  • Members shall use written materials that clearly and conspicuously disclose all material terms and conditions of the offer before obtaining a customer’s consent.
  • Prior to the sale of any product or service, sales representatives must disclose all termination fees and must honor all refunds in accordance with their company’s policies.

Email Authorization: By completing and submitting this application, I hereby authorize ESA to send me pertinent association and industry information via e-mail at all e-mail addresses listed on this application. I recognize that such documents include, but are not limited to: billing statements, registration forms, ESA member communications and official letters. I understand that granting this permission is essential to the association’s ability to communicate with me effectively.

The undersigned represents all information submitted is accurate; false information may result in denial or revocation of membership. If approved, the signed agrees to comply with the ESA bylaws, code of ethics and antitrust statement. ESA may deny membership regardless of any payments submitted.

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