5 Ways to Lower Costs With a Hosted Video Solution

5 Ways to Lower Costs With a Hosted Video Solution
Posted: Jul 25, 2018
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by Mike King — Manager, Hosted Video, Axis Communications, Inc.

Imagine if you could lower costs for your customers while providing them with reliable and efficient surveillance. Hosted video services are a smart addition to any surveillance solution, as they not only help ensure protection 24/7, but can also reduce costs in multiple ways. Whenever you’re able to offer customers cost savings and improvements to their operations, it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Let’s dive into the five ways hosted video can lower costs.

  1. Video verification

Technology should help your customers work smarter, not harder. How many times do you think they’ve been alerted for false alarms, wasting precious time and resources? False alarms are often a culprit of unnecessary expenditures for companies. Integrating video surveillance to an alarm system can provide video verification when an alarm is triggered. When paired with a hosted video service, incidents can be assessed accurately and efficiently, in turn reducing costs and resources.

  1. Reduced hardware

Safe, reliable storage of video files is an important aspect of a surveillance system, but can often be one of the most expensive components. Hosted video is a way to offer a secure, cost-efficient alternative for video storage and redundancy. Some hosted service providers will charge based on usage, so you can offer customers the flexibility to only pay for what they use. And, as your customers’ needs grow, it can allow for simple scalability, without the additional investment in storage or appliance hardware onsite.

  1. Remote health monitoring

Firmware updates, configurations, vulnerability scans, system patches, IT support are just some examples of common expenses related to maintaining a system, and the costs can add up quickly. More and more hosted video providers are providing health monitoring as an additional benefit. This means, customer’s devices can receive updates, maintenance and even troubleshooting remotely – all provided through the hosted platform. Reduce the need for expensive on-site support or the cost of an interrupted system, while adding to your customers’ peace of mind.

  1. Simple installation

With a hosted video solution, once the cameras are installed, deployment is complete in a few simple steps – eliminating the need for configuration of software, storage devices, and other components or the aggravation of port forwarding. Through a secure web interface, you can easily add devices and integrate other systems including alarm, access control, audio and existing alarm system with a single click. Reducing installation times means you can take on more jobs, while also reducing the installation costs for your customer.

  1. Reliable surveillance 24/7

If a customer usually employs on-site staff for surveillance, a hosted video service paired with a monitoring service can replace that need. 24/7 on-site surveillance is expensive, especially after normal business hours. You can reassure your customers that a hosted video solution is accurate and timely in reporting incidents.

All in all, hosted video solutions can be a valuable option for those customers looking to improve their total cost of ownership for their surveillance system, or implement a reliable one, without sacrificing the quality of their security.

Looking to offer your customers a hosted video solution? AXIS Guardian is a new cloud-based video surveillance service platform, entirely hosted and managed by Axis Communications. Learn more by visiting www.axis-communications.com/esa/axis-guardian.



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