5 Features Small Businesses Want in a Video Surveillance Solution

5 Features Small Businesses Want in a Video Surveillance Solution
Posted: Jun 24, 2019
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By Larry Chay, Small Business Program Manager, Axis Communications, Inc.

Video surveillance continues to be a growing concern for small businesses.

Yes, small business owners are passionate and are willing to do what it takes to make their business successful.

Unfortunately, many times this leads to making sacrifices to be on-site more often to ensure operations run smoothly.

What if small business owners could go to a meeting, go home, or even go on vacation knowing there is a dependable second set of eyes watching over their business 24/7?

That peace of mind is much easier to achieve than some may think.

Since small business owners are usually resource constrained, all investments must be worthwhile with ROI in mind.

Video surveillance solutions are becoming more prevalent in the small business space, but which solutions provide the most value to small businesses?

Here are five features to look for in a video surveillance solution that will help you choose the best solution for your small business customers.



Video quality is arguably the most important feature in a video surveillance solution. When an incident occurs, high definition video will provide the best evidence.

Being able to clearly identify the smallest details of any scene is essential to take action.

Image usability shouldn’t stop when the lights go out either. If a store is broken into at night, cameras with the right technology will properly identify what occurred and who is responsible.



How often do you have a mobile device with you?

Video surveillance can be as simple as pulling up the feeds on a designated, cybersecure mobile application.

With remote viewing capabilities, small business owners don’t need to be on-site to check on staff or to see how busy a store is at any given time.

In addition, if a notice is received about a potential incident, the video recording can be viewed with ease.



Video surveillance doesn’t have to be hard. Small business owners already have a lot going on, so learning an operating system shouldn’t be complicated. The best video surveillance solutions have intuitive user interfaces.

Finding specific recordings from any given time should be as easy as looking at real time video. See something of interest?

Video cameras are often the point of emphasis, but the video management software makes a major difference when it comes to saving time.



End-to-end solutions take video surveillance to the next level.

Building a complete solution with network cameras, recorders and video management software from one manufacturer creates the soundest solution since the products were designed to work their best together.

End-to-end solutions also deliver time savings opportunities, as using only one vendor means there’s one line of support for all needs.



The final consideration for choosing a video surveillance solution is its overall reliability, durability and scalability.

Small business owners want their investment to be future-proof. They expect their solution to work as intended and stand the test of time.

A strong solution will not only produce high quality results, it will also not need to be replaced consistently.

In addition, a scalable solution keeps sustained business success and room for growth in mind. When it is time to expand operations or upgrade security measures, your customers’ video surveillance solutions can grow with them. This saves time and resources for both you and your customers.

Video surveillance is growing in popularity for many small businesses.

They want a quality, secure solution that’s easy to use and doesn’t need constant troubleshooting. Keep in mind that video surveillance solutions made by the same manufacturer leads to more intuitive solutions with stronger cybersecurity, easier installation and increased reliability.

If you’re looking for a video surveillance solution to meet the needs of small business customers, AXIS Companion is a complete solution including high quality IP cameras, affordable recorders and free video management software.

Learn more about AXIS Companion here.


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