5 Problems Your Customers Face – Solved by a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution

5 Problems Your Customers Face – Solved by a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution
ESA — April 7, 2020

Did you know the first step in the consumer decision-making process is recognizing a problem?¹ If your product or service doesn’t solve a problem, you’ll have a difficult time convincing a customer to consider purchasing.

Solve several of your customer’s problems at once with a cloud-based surveillance solution. Besides mitigating false alarms and providing total peace of mind, a cloud-based surveillance solution can provide even more value to your customers.

Here are five common challenges that can be solved by a cloud-based surveillance solution.


1. “We have frequent deliveries to the back door, but we’re understaffed and can’t immediately address them.”

Especially in a retail setting, deliveries can occur on a frequent basis. If understaffed, your customer might have a hard time juggling these deliveries with their daily operations. A cloud-based surveillance solution can provide efficient management of doors with the addition of a network door station. A ring of a doorbell will trigger a notification to the managed service platform, sending a notification to either your customer or a central station to manage. If the visitor is authorized, they can quickly grant them access. Central stations can even offer management of doors after business hours, providing total peace of mind to your customer.


2. “We have a critical area on our site that nobody should enter.”

Sometimes, a business will have a space on their property that’s restricted to the public, or even employees. By adding a perimeter defending analytic to a cloud-based surveillance solution, the video management software can immediately detect when someone enters a critical area. To elevate this solution even further, a network audio speaker can transmit a pre-recorded message telling the intruder to leave. If the intruder crosses the critical area again, personnel at a central station could speak with a live message to inform the intruder that they’re being recorded and police will be on their way soon.


3. “We have multiple business locations and we need each manager to have access to the system.”

If a business has multiple branches, the ability for each location’s manager to control their site accordingly is critical. Some cloud-based surveillance solutions have centralized programming with the ability to give credentials to key employees. This eliminates the need to create a separate site for each location. The solution only needs to be programmed once, and the managers will have full ownership of their site. Cloud solutions are perfect for small business enterprise customers.

Managing a surveillance solution might be a daunting idea to a customer without an IT team. By investing in a cloud-based surveillance solution that’s also a managed service, your customer doesn’t need to worry about firmware upgrades or cybersecurity patches. The health of the system is managed directly by the managed service company.


5. “We’re unable to pay a large cost upfront.”

Even though a cloud-based surveillance solution can provide value to a business and solve multiple problems, your customer might not want to pay for the service costs at once. Many businesses would rather pay a small monthly fee, as it’s much more manageable alongside the other monthly costs the business has to account for. It’s easy to break down cloud-based surveillance costs into monthly payments, including your service fees and the payments to the central station.

Cloud-based surveillance solutions can provide much more than standard surveillance benefits. From operational efficiencies to payment preferences, cloud-based surveillance solutions can solve problems your customers might not even know that a surveillance solution could solve.

If you’re not sure where to start with cloud-based surveillance solutions, discover AXIS Guardian, a secure and hassle-free solution that’s hosted and managed by Axis Communications. Learn more about AXIS Guardian here.

¹ https://mauconline.net/consumer-decision-making-process/

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