Posted: Aug 29, 2017
Categories: Public Policy
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by Mitch Reitman - Reitman Consulting Group, Inc.

Most of you have heard me discuss the perils of treating employees as “contractors” and issuing them IRS forms 1099. Not only is it a bad idea to treat an employee as a contractor, the IRS has instituted new requirements, and penalties, for misfiled and late filed 1099’s.

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Posted: Aug 23, 2017
Categories: News, Public Policy
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On July 31, 2017, Governor Brown signed AB 1616, effectively ending the continuing threat by local jurisdictions to assess civil fines or penalties against alarm companies for false dispatches.  California joins Texas and Florida with similar legislative restrictions that prohibit such fines unless alarm company operator error or improper equipment or installation was demonstrated.  It may run contrary to any reasonable person’s view of due process, but California was the...
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