States Approve Different Ways to Make Schools More Secure in June

States Approve Different Ways to Make Schools More Secure in June
Posted: Jul 11, 2018
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States continued to approve legislation in June that will provide, in some cases, funding to improve school security through electronic security systems, video surveillance and access control.

Unfortunately, some states can only find the means to study the issue. But, the hope is those states that took a more deliberative approach will eventually use the findings to appropriate security measures that will help protect children.

Members should make note of legislation in the states where these bills pass and begin the process to contact school districts about the availability of funds.

It is never too early to contribute to the school security solution and if your business is properly positioned for this market segment, your marketing efforts should include specific reference to new appropriations where provided.

Of the twenty (20) bills that were enacted into law in June, seven (7) were related to school security. Those that provide funding include:

Colarado SB 18-269, which appropriated up to $30 million to the Department of Public Safety for disbursement to schools for school security infrastructure needs based on applications made by school districts and charter schools.

Delaware HB 49-1 requires all new school construction and schools undergoing major renovations to incorporate ballistic glass in all visitor entrance areas, installation of panic or intruder alert systems and access control systems in classrooms.

Pennsylvania HB 1929 provides that “each fiscal year” the first $15 million of all fines, fees and costs collected by the judicial system in excess of the amount collected from those sources in 1986-87 fiscal year shall be deposited in the school safety and security fund.



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