Security America — A Rated Coverage with A+ Service

Security America — A Rated Coverage with A+ Service
Posted: Aug 15, 2018
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For fourteen years, Security America has provided consistently affordable insurance coverage to the alarm industry and today is no exception.

Here at Security America, we understand that your business is ever-evolving and that we, as your provider, must do the same. 

Since the program first incepted, we have been committed to ensuring we are providing you with insurance that not only fits your needs, but is economically stable so you don’t wind up with arbitrary rate increases on your insurance.

In an effort to ensure that we maintain our commitment to you, Security America has and will undergo some changes that we are very excited about.

A-Rated Paper
A significant number of contracts in the alarm industry have a requirement for A-Rated coverage. We are pleased to announce that effective January 01, all applicants, new and renewal, will be offered A-Rated coverage through Security America Risk Purchasing Group. This program is written through our partners – Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London. As always, we continue to offer unprecedented coverage that meets the needs of your business.

New Coverage Available
We are constantly evaluating the exposures of the industry to ensure that we are providing you with coverage that addresses your unique exposures. One of the lines of coverage we began offering this past year is cyber. Behind our cyber insurance is the world’s leader in cyber coverage, Beazley. Beazley has handled well over 5,000 data breaches since the launch of its programs. There are many different issues that face a company during a data breach and with the Security America program, experts are at your fingertips to help you through the entire process. With premiums as low as $300 for $100,000 in limits, you cannot beat this coverage.

We also now offer workers’ compensation coverage through our national partner, AmTrust. In order to get a quote, we always start with the Acord 130 Application and the Contractors Supplemental. In addition, 5 year loss runs and an experience modification worksheet (if available/applicable) may be needed further along in the process depending on the applications.

Certificates of Insurance Made Easy
If there is one thing we understand, it is your need for a quick turn-around on certificates of insurance. Insureds now have the ability to generate their own certificates of insurance through our online platform. If there are no special acceptances required, a certificate will immediately generate for you making it easy for you to provide your customers with the documentation they need to ensure jobs aren’t delayed. The platform is even mobile friendly for on-site use. If you need a tutorial on how to use this to your advantage – just give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through it.

Coming Soon – Higher Excess & Umbrella Limits and Commercial Auto

Keep an eye out for our announcement on the availability of Higher Excess & Umbrella limits along with Commercial Auto. We are partnering with market leaders on this particular line of coverage and are excited to launch the program. More to come! T SECURITY AMERICA – A RATED COVERAGE WITH A+ SERVICE

As always, call Security America at 866-315-3838 to get more information on our program offerings as well as other lines of business including, but not limited to General Liability, Professional Liability, Bonds, Workers’ Comp and Umbrella/Excess Coverage.



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