School Security and Licensing-Related Bills Continue to Dominate

School Security and Licensing-Related Bills Continue to Dominate
Posted: Nov 13, 2018
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by Chris Heaton - Vice President for Advocacy and Public Affairs

There were not many bills introduced in October as legislators campaigned leading up to the November 6th elections. Of the bills that did move, School security and licensing-related bills continue to dominate the issue areas that receive the most attention.

We added a new issue area this month to better categorize legislation that addresses consumer contracts and other consumer-driven issues. The new issue area will be called “consumer protection” and will contain any legislation that has an impact on the industry regarding consumer contracts, autorenewal clauses, liability issues designed to protect consumers, etc.

As an example, Washington D.C. has a proposed “Consumer Disclosure Act of 2017”, B 22-0020, which creates a requirement regarding auto-renewal clauses in consumer contracts. This bill would require certain disclosures and conditions on contracts with a term greater than 12 months that have auto-renewal clauses greater than 30 days.

New Jersey’s occupational licensing board bill (AB 2810) that implements “active supervision” of certain professional and occupational licensing boards passed the Assembly on October 29th.

New Jersey legislation (SB 1869/AB 3554), which prohibits the sale of alarm company signs or decals without the express written consent of the alarm company represented on the sign or decal passed both houses on October 29th.

New York AB 11363 is a comprehensive school security bill that amends the education law to provide for better and more secure access control and locks to doors in schools, hardening options for windows and doors, security cameras with artificial intelligence and other measures that are compliant with life safety and fire codes. This bill addresses several other school security measures and places requirements for plans to be submitted to law enforcement.



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