NTS Takes Proctored Exams Online

NTS Takes Proctored Exams Online
Posted: Mar 13, 2018
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Innovative Approach to Proctored Exam Process to Make Test Taking Easier for NTS Students

ESA’s National Training School (NTS) requires completion of a proctored exam for all core courses to demonstrate mastery of these vital subjects. Proctored exams validate the integrity of a student’s education and are a best practice.

Because these exams are necessary in securing a license in many jurisdictions, it is important that tests are taken in a secure environment. Students who take online courses have traditionally gone to a third-party testing center to take their exam, where their identity is confirmed by a proctor and they are monitored while taking the test.

While this has traditionally sent students to a testing facility, ESA’s National Training School is in the process of launching new web-based proctored exams. This style of proctored exam is completed on a computer through a web camera.

It is anticipated that web-based proctoring will be more convenient as the exam can be taken from the student’s office or home, so no travel is necessary. This process sacrifices none of the security, as the proctor can still confirm the identity of the student, approve the test environment, and monitor the student as they take the exam.

Currently, Mississippi and Tennessee have approved this testing method for courses that lead to a license. ESA is working closely with other regulatory boards to attain approval of this innovative proctoring process. To learn more about the ProctorU web based proctoring process, please check out this video that walks you through the proctoring steps.

If web based proctoring is available in your jurisdiction you will receive this option with further instructions upon your courses completion.



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